Monday, October 25, 2010

MY WORLD ~ 1st Stopover on our Magic Carpet Ride

This little critter, a sleepy lizard, kept us company at breakfast
next morning. This photo was going to be no.4 but refused to be
moved to its proper place . . . ah, the joy of computers . . .

Up beyond the green, green farm lands the country dries off
showing up the red soil and and half a dozen emus.

The open road and the first suggestion of the Flinders Ranges
in the distance.

We arrive in Hawker for our first stop at this charming cottage
owned by our friends and almost neighbours who flew up with
their three dogs solely to cook dinner for us and bed us down in
luxurious comfort for the night.

Now that is friendship for you!!

Glorious view from the outdoor dining room at sunrise.

The watchers, well, one anyway.

One of them actually enjoys flying and attentively looks out
the window all the way.

Dust proofing our luggage and off to the next adventure.

All photos enlarge for better viewing.

To be continued . . .

Thanks to the MY WORLD Team for giving us the opportunityto
share our world and view that of others.


  1. Thanks as always for sharing your great trips, Arija! This one does look like fun! Can't wait to see more! Enjoy your evening!


  2. I'm loving this magic carpet ride. Adorable cottage and wonderful friends.

  3. What a wonderful adventure!

  4. What an adventure Arija - I look forward to the next installment.

  5. This looks like it was a very nice stay for you and the beauty of the scene out the breakfast window is so beautiful. Looking forward to other post entries. Take good care Arija~

  6. You do have the most amazing array of wildlife your way.

  7. maybe one shouldn't move a sleeping lizard?

  8. 1200 photos! Oh my, your photos are wondrous and beautiful. It's so hard to capture the majesty of open country, but you have managed just that.

    I just saw a little blurb on TV about "Slow Cities" and "Slow Tours", meaning travel to places where time seems to barely move and progress happens at a snail's pace. Your vacation reminds me of that. I feel like slowing down and taking everything in.

    So good to see you back! I've missed you.

    oh, incidentally, not to offend the sleepy lizard but he looks quite like a dried up corn on the cob. :)

  9. What wonderful friends you have to start you off so well on your adventure.

  10. So many adventures! what a neat place.

  11. so cool to see this thru your eyes..
    and i feel like a movie star now !
    [photo star/blog star/still star?]


  12. How lovely of your friends to host you. The photos of the open spaces remind me of ochre!

  13. HAHAHAHA! I just read Bella's description of the lizard. My laughter has awakened it now. HAHAHA!

  14. looks like an amazing adventure. the views and wildlife are beautiful.

  15. Thanks to your post, that does sound like a good adventure. Wishing you more.

  16. Thanks for the trip, Arija! The lizard looks very interesting. I've never seen such a lizard! It looks like a pinecone or fircone.

  17. Beautiful shots. Quiet a nice variety of animals.


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