Friday, October 1, 2010

Starry, Starry Night

It is midnight
sleep refuses to come knocking at my door
the lights are out
my eyes are tightly shut
my prayers said
yet fickle sleep hides in the shadows

I open my eyes
and lo
bright stars wink down at me
and beckon me
to come outside and play

The night is totally still
just a few frogs
still raise their voices
in the distant dam
and all around me
dance the stars

The sky so clear
thick strewn with stars
beyond stars beyond stars
like grains of sand
upon a beach
the more you look
the more you see

Some large engulfed in halos
some like tiny pinpricks
bravely glowing
in the depths of space
thick like feathers in a quilt
forever there
in deep infinity.


  1. Beautifully written Arija. I hope you had fun playing under the stars.

  2. This is what I miss so much, living in suburbia. I have lived under vast country skies that are astounding at night.This beautiful poem you've written bought in back to me. Sorry sleep eluded you Arija,but what a beautiful poetic piece we have now out of that situation.x

  3. Sorry you couldn't sleep, but glad you shared these beautiful words with us. Beautiful Arija. Blessings and (((hugs))) In His service, Jo

  4. Sleepless nights........... i use them for dreaming. Nightdreaming with open eyes.
    Love your poem!

  5. I love this poem! Seems they were truly calling to you, and they had so much to say.

    Happy Sunday. Oh, your late blooming birthday tree. I'm afraid that's my fault. I asked it to make sure the first blossoms were absolutely perfect for you. I guess it was just making sure.



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