Tuesday, December 28, 2010

World Bird Wednesday - Rainbow Bee-eaters

I hope you all enjoyed a joyous Christmas, as did I.

One of the wonders of this past year was a sighting of the
colourful Rainbow Bee-eater, Merops ornatus, in the North
Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Apparently you can tell
the date by their arrival.

A stickler for punctuality, it arrives on the same day year after
year. A bird of iridescent plumage with two pencil-line feathers
curled at the tip sticking out from the middle of its tail.

Worth enlarging for a better view.

The Bee-eater hovers like a Hummingbird and is one of the rare
Australian birds to do so.

Stay well and healthy throughout the coming year and apart from
happiness, I wish you all a host of birds to watch!

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  1. Such wonderful Christmas visitors you have!
    Edward and I wish you a lovely holiday!!

  2. What a gorgeous bird, it has a head shape very much like our resident kookaburras, but much more colourful.

  3. Such marvelous, colorful birds! Your photos are superb as always, Arija! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! So did I and in case you haven't been by my blog in the past couple of days, my oldest daughter, Robyn, that I hadn't seen in seven years surprised me with a wonderful visit over the Christmas holiday. It was fantastic! Have a great week and a very Happy New Year!


  4. How absolutely beautiful! Larry

  5. So colorful! I remember seeing some bee-eaters in South Africa.

    May the New Year bring you joy and happiness.

  6. These birds are so colourful.I wish you a great New Year full of joy.

  7. Find your blog through Bern and Walking in Stillness. You remind everyone home is a feeling where the heart is, where it never leaves you. A person can reconnect with all he is through appreciating nature and all its creatures, everything the external world has to offer. Peace to you wherever you roam. The essence of being is your constant companion.

  8. If I had birds such as your "Merops ornatus" flying around the Rio Pine I wouldn't want to do any thing else but chase them around. Thanks for sharing this beautiful bird! ;-)WBW

  9. What a stunning bird Arija.
    Looks like they've got every colour off the palette lol

  10. What a gorgeous colorful bird! May your New Year be full of joy.

  11. Thank you! Simply INCREDIBLE, your bee-eaters...
    Imagine, telling the date by ANY bird's arrival! How marvelous is that?!?!
    Nature rules, without doubt.
    A very joyous, healthy, and wonder-filled new year to you and yours, Arija!

  12. What a gorgeous little bird Arija.
    I love those colors, and how cool that they come back to you every year at the same time.
    I hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year.

  13. Arija, I love these Rainbow Bee-eaters. I would really like to see one someday.

  14. seems you have your wish..
    new arrivals in our garden, a pair of little kingfishers that have made a nest in a termite mound way up high on an old tree
    always alert to the mad chasing of the pesky noisy miners, they peep out their little hole to check its safe before venturing out and flying down quite unafraid to visit with us...
    most enchanting!

  15. Beautiful! How wonderful to know exactly when they are coming to be prepared to see them! I wish all birds were that punctual...LOL!

  16. The bee-eaters are such a spectacular family of birds, one of my absolute favorites.


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