Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nature Notes ~ A Lucky Break

Everyone needs a holiday sometime, we took ours on Tuesday,
a whole 26 hours worth! I craved the ocean so we stayed in
Goolwa, at the end of the Murray river and just a spit from the

Coming home the next day, the skies darkened and I just got
under cover from opening and shutting the gate to keep the
sheep from our garden, when the light diminished and the
storm broke. Our first day of summer and a most unseasonal
thunderstorm with high humidity although it was coming from
the cold southern ocean that usually sends us blasts from

All our gutters overflowed along their whole length, splashing
down on the flowerbed and forming muddy puddles on the path
that is supposed to keep our feet dry. 30.7mm in less than an

Drenched geranium overhanging the Mediterranean sea on
the path.

Greens sprang into life as plants soaked up the bounty and
nourishment descending from heaven above.

An added bonus of a little piece of a double rainbow as the
sun dared to show its face again.

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your own surroundings.

Thanks to Michelle of Rambling Woods, we can all join in.


  1. I have geraniums just like yours.

    Myn husband was in Melbourne last week, and he said it was hot.

  2. Marvelous captures as always! Love the double rainbow and the poor little drenched geranium! Glad you had a bit of a break -- always worthwhile! Enjoy!


  3. Sigh. That rainbow is especially lovey. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. :-)


  4. Nice to see you're getting rain. Your summer gardens will be So happy. Love the rainbow!

  5. How gorgeous! We had rain and snow today.
    But that is winter in Canada

  6. The rainbow is so beautiful. I also love seeing the rain soaked plants and the shot from your vacation. You certainly did get a lot of rain all at once on your return. I hope you will continue to get rain this summer although I guess it's preferable not to get so much all at once.

  7. How wonderful, to capture a rainbow! The wet, drooping carnation is lovely as well.

  8. Lovely to think of you all warm and enjoying is needed my snow cleats to get to my bird feeders in the back.... lol....Michelle


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