Monday, November 29, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Sacred Canyon

Enter the Sacred Canyon at your own risk! Even the youngsters
among the trees stretch out their feet to trip you up.

Thoughtfully, in single file we brave the narrow creek bed.
Each lost in our own 'Dreaming'.

The Aboriginal marking of a permanent waterhole carved in
time immemorial, was it a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand
years ago that a flint tipped tool carved these sacred symbols
for ever present water?

Every crevice was filled with flowers, this one, the European
hop bush a recent newcomer in this ancient landscape.

Newer signs of things to come without this encouragement
one could easily give up as the creek is bone dry until you
actually reach the liquid wonder that flows for less than 100
metres before disappearing under ground.

If you enlarge this picture, you will notice more carvings on
the rocks at far left. They depict the fact that this is permanent
water, and the animals who come to drink here. The footprint
of an emu the squiggle of snake and drag of lizard as well as a
simple representation of a human.

Apart from a tiny trickle of water, total stillness engulfs all
comers as one by one each sinks into the Dreamtime . . .

A place so gentle yet powerful that uplifts and regenerates
the soul and one is loth to leave again.

The keeper of country who watched over me and helped me
negotiate tricky rock climbs to reach the inner sanctum.

The canyon is neither deep nor wide but powerful in a spiritual
way that stays with one through space and time.

Enjoy or enlarge and enjoy more.

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  1. What a beautiful place, I think I'm going to stay here for a while!

    Lovely/ Tyra

  2. Arija dearest, how I would love to come refresh myself in those pools of water!

  3. Oh, how beautiful, Arija! How I would love to visit there! Your photos are fantastic as always! What a great way to start my day! Hope your week goes well!


  4. Thank you so much for the tour of this amazing place. I would love to explore there.

  5. Thanks a lot for taking us on this walk-about - så very interesting :)

  6. Thank you for this enjoyable post. I felt like I was climbing over the rocks with you and your camera.

  7. I like to explore this type of areas. The roots, look like real "feet".

    I could just imagine myself tip-toeing walking down the path.

    I love that shot of you with that long hair.

  8. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

  9. There is magic in the nooks and crannies of our world and your wonderful photos do a good job of showing it. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  10. Your photos and words have truly honoured this very special place.

  11. Hi Arija .)
    molto belle e soprattutto interessanti queste tue foto del tuo mondo di oggi !
    Grazie della visita e buona serata :)

  12. I could certainly lose myself in this ancient landscape, no wonder it's a sacred place to the Aboriginals, we of European descent take so much for granted, when it's such a simple thing to respect and it always gives back, we must protect it always!

  13. Fantastic post. The sacred nature of that space comes across clearly, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

  14. I can feel the specialness of this place through all these miles. Such a sense of respect and so ancient! Thank you Arija.

  15. Wonderful shots. The beauty of nature is mesmerizing.

  16. What an amazingly magical and spiritual place, bought to life with your wonderful words.

  17. A beautiful place, reminiscent of an oasis in our southwest, complete with petroglyphs. I'm so glad you let us join you.

  18. An utterly incredible place. Thank you.

  19. Even seeing this lovely place only through your photos and words I feel a sense of awe at such beauty. Actually being there must have been an incredible experience.

  20. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Wow, it looks like another planet. After going through your photos, I would love to visit there if I have a chance!
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Arija, a wonderfully beautiful place. The first tree root looks rather like an ancient foot. I am sure that you had a lovely time soaking up the feel of this ancient place.

  22. Wow...what a lovely place to visit. I would love to take a tour with you here in this magnificent nature!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  23. This is such a beautiful post! it goes so well with everything I wrote about the Aborigines in the past and with the book of Roy McIver's life.
    Thanks for sharing and for your beautiful photos. Thanks for your visit and comment! Hugs, love from Wil

  24. i really enjoyed looking at these wonderful pics. i love nature and you truly have abundant to offer in your part of the world.

  25. Beautiful My World Tuesday nature posting

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

    Link to My Word Tuesday post!

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  26. Hello Arija, Your photos of this spiritual place convey the silence and beauty you encountered. The last photo of the flowers sprouting out of the cliff wall is wonderful. Thank you for taking me along on your hike.

  27. Thank you for the tour of this exotic place. It's really something to image how long ago those markings were made.

    Your photos are just terrific.


  28. What a wonderful walk Arija. Those drawings must tell an ancient story for sure. Very interesting! I would be very happy to enjoy the trip.

  29. At least the ground is dry, I grew up in Sibu, there were lots of swamp, and I tripped so often.

  30. This is awesome!


  31. Thanks for taking me along to a journey to your ancient spiritual place. Not much else to do but sit back and wonder the miracles out there.

  32. This is truly a very magical place. The aboriginal rock markings are very similar to what I see here in the Southwest. Hmmmm......

    Sure glad you had help to clamber the rocks and enjoy the tranquility and power of this special place.

  33. yes, I can feel the power the magic and beauty in your photography. Thank you for sharing this precious time with us!


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