Monday, November 1, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Onward to the Heart of the Ranges

Before we left Hawker, our hostess took us to a near by hill to
see the view (sorry about the dirty windscreen),

in itself a pretty place undisturbed by tourists but plentifully
dotted with flowers and birds.

For someone my vintage, a bit steep in places but manageable.

Although the air was not quite clear, the view was still good
to the heart of the Flinders Ranges.

Onward through Morelana Gorge with spectacular views of the
ragged teeth of the main range.

At every turn almost, the landscape changed and I did a lot of
drive-by shooting.

I think by now you can tell that I am quite besotted with this
wonderfully changeable country.

Sunlit one moment and dappled with shadows the next, fairly
making your hand itch for a paintbrush.

The colours of the sunlit plains competing with the blue of
the hills.

Although the drive was long, the smiles on our faces just grew
the further north we went.

We had driven the dirt road through Morelana Gorge, bowled
along the sealed main drag for a while, then crossed the Range
again driving into Parachilna Gorge . . . but that is another
story for another day.

You can see the dust cloud raised by a vehicle ahead of us and
the one coming towards us although it had recently rained

These were the only two cars we saw until we had reached the
other side and the sealed road again.

I have no idea why this place makes me so happy. Most of the
time it is dry and parched and hot as well yet my cares evaporate
whenever I am here. It has a special inescapable magic all its own.

Click the pictures to enlarge them. I hope I did not bore you too
much with such a long post.

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and thanks to the MY WORLD Team for giving us this opportunity.


  1. Hi,
    che belle foto queste di oggi !!!
    Mi piacciono molto :)
    Buona giorntaa..

  2. Gorgeous captures as always, Arija! It's interesting where each of us finds a particular, special place that seems to speak to us. I'm glad you have yours! Enjoy your week!


  3. It looks like a wonderful place to escape to and the views are magnificent! I can only imagine sunrises and sunsets here. Great post!

  4. Thank you for the tour of the beautiful scenery on your trip. I can see why it makes you happy.

  5. It could never be boring to see such beauty. I understand what you mean about being a painter but you have painted, with your camera, so beautifully.

  6. It's such a beautiful place, I think. I am drawn to the vast views unspoiled by humans. :)

  7. What a peaceful place where only a few cars go by to see the beauty. Great shots … even through the car window. Having recently gone on a bus tour through Europe, I found myself taking pictures through glass quite often. It creates strange reflections and scenes with an occasional smudge. :)

  8. What a fabulous road trip! Oh, how I would love to be riding along with you all!

  9. Never enough beautiful scenery on this kind of a road trip. I love to back road on gravel.

  10. What fun seeing all of these amazingly beautiful scenes~

  11. That sure is beautiful country, its easy to see why you enjoy so much.
    Lovely series of shots, Arija.

  12. A beautiful set of photographs, thanks for sharing.

  13. gorgeous area! I really love the sixth and seventh photos. Looks so nice! And those flowers in the second shot - so pretty! i can see why you love it!

  14. What a trip!
    Arija, in the 3rd from last photo I must say, the land forms there, the way the earth has pushed up those incredible layers, it's a geological dream!!! How fortunate you are to share in such wonders...

  15. amazing landscape. and the wildflowers are so beautiful.

  16. Beautiful photos. Lovely account. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  17. Australia is beautiful, isn't it? Your photos are proof of that! I hope to go to my daughter again next year.
    Thanks for sharing these photos!
    Thanks for your visit and very kind words. It all happened so long ago: more than 23 years ago.Now we are not so active in the peace movement, but I am still 100% in favour of disarmament. Wars will stop when arms are gone! But will that ever happen?

  18. Totally diverse terrain. I can understand why your cares go away when you are there, it is spectacularly grand and for anyone to think of schedules and deadlines in the midst of this landscape, they are missing something important. I love the hills and mountains, the steep terrain, the flowers, I love all of it! This series of landscape aptly describes Australia as "frontier." I am so happy to hear you had a marvelous time.

  19. great series of pictures. i enjoy these very much.

  20. Dear Aria, I completely enjoyed watching this beautiful photos. The variety of beautiful areas is really beautiful and impressive and I am honestly very glad that this place made you so happy. Thanks for sharing the photos of the places I surely won’t ever see in private.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for yours always friendly and kind comments on my blog. I can feel the sincerity in every word that you wrote my friend. God bless you!

  21. Great. It seems to be a very pleasant place.


  22. Arija, you do not bore me! These photos make me think of Idaho, a state that I fell in love with over 20 years ago when I lived there for 2 years. I have never been able to live there again, though I have visited a couple of times. I understand the peace you get from this dry and desolate place. Much of Idaho is just like this and I think it is because it is undesturbed and far from human turmoil! There is only the energy of nature there and one feels almost as if they can see the tender touch of the master's hand at work. I think it touches our hearts too. I think we feel closer to our creator in these places without the noise of the world intruding. I think we are closer to our true selves.

  23. What a wonderful collection of very interesting and so varied landscapes! So glad you were able to see those beloved landscapes again.

  24. That is wonderful scenery and the photos are great. I'd love to see that area at some point in my life.

  25. Beautiful place with amazing landscape.

  26. aloha this is a beautiful place and the hike was wonderful to see all these wildflowers blooming in your world at this time, i'm guessing your springtime now right?

  27. No boredom here Arija. I love trips in such beautiful countrysides. Your scenery is so different from ours. Thanks so much for the ridealong.

  28. liebe Arija, Deine neue Heimat ist wunderschön! Alles Liebe wünscht Dir kri

  29. Never bored Arija, The beauty is truly overwhelming... .. I can see why you love it.. it gets into your soul.. that is the same as I feel about this place.

  30. The purple flowers are gorgeous! What wonderful views you had on this trip.


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