Monday, November 15, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Wirrealpa Station

We finally arrived at our destination after two days of steady
driving, Wirrealpa Station in the Flinders Ranges of South
Australia, a sheep and cattle run catering also to the intrepid
traveller seeking peace, quiet and skies that go forever in the
rugged Australian Outback.

Our quarters above, consisted of a kitchen and huge dining room
in the forefront and bedrooms in the shearer's quarters behind
our red farm ute. The other building in between we made use of
as a studio.

Above, a view towards the creek with the amazing array of green
tones by courtesy of the recent rains.

Below, one of the many honeyeaters I photographed but could
not identify.

The cooking facilities were modern electric or this delightful
original cast iron stove which, as is obvious, we much preferred.
Not only did it provide comforting warmth but it was big enough
to house a number of large dye pots as well as the ubiquitous kettle
and our delectable meals catered for by my utterly wonderful
daughter India.

The evening light accentuated the colours of the native hopbush
to perfection.

A little entertaining at the end of the day as our hosts joined
us for drinks and we all lived it up a little.

Another view of our accommodation with the the blue hills
in the distance

and a few swishes of the paintbrush on the verandah.

There are a lot more pictures where these came from, who knows,
maybe another day . . .

This is the world that sings to my soul and thanks to the MY WORLD
Team, I could show it to you.


  1. Such a beautiful and fascinating world you've enjoyed at Wirrealpa Station! I'm so happy for you, Arija! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  2. this is so neat! what a fun fun place to spend some time. I love rustic, out in the middle of nowhere spots like this seems to be. What a great setting! Pretty painting too, and that kitchen is really neat!

  3. What an exotic spot of the world! Do I spy a little piece of Blue Willow on the table?

  4. Wish I had been there too, love that coutry,

  5. That looks like a great place to get away too. Very beautiful landscapes and also a great place to stay.

  6. Arija, what a beautiful post! I LOVE the shot of the stove with the pots and pans. So glad to see that you are painting. I can hear the smile in your words!

  7. What a charming part of the world you’ve taken yourself to, Arija! Each photograph tells an interesting story. And your daughter’s name is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. How marvelous that you painted the landscape, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  9. I can hear your soul singing from half a world away.

  10. What an absolutely marvelous place. No wonder your soul sung. I love the wood stove. And would like to see the finished painting.

  11. What beautiful light! I love that wonderful cottage.

  12. What a very beautiful part of the world, and your painting captures it very well. Lovely photos.

  13. What beautiful scenery. Love the rustic, out of nowhere landscape. And true, a great place to just swish your brush and colors!

  14. It is a beautiful world you enjoyed. Lovely photos and I enjoyed your post.

  15. Your world sounds like quiet and adventurous. I can almost hear the singing of your world as you painted it with vivid words.
    Heartwarming blog!

  16. Wonderful post. Very inspiring. Thanks for this.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  17. It's a place to allow the soul to expand.

  18. Thanks for sharing your part of the world..

  19. This is a very special and beautiful landscape! Must be a great place to visit!

  20. The backcountry is beautiful as seen through your lens, Arija.
    I enjoyed seeing your wonderful journey, and it was nice that your daughter cooked.
    Your painting is lovely as well.


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