Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature Notes ~ The Wonders of Spring

The wonders of spring burst forth in ever greater measure,
I step outside my door and my senses are swayed by an
onslaught of scents. The orange tree in full bloom, a mass of
roses, philadelphus and scented orchids. The wisteria has just
finished as have the apple blossoms, yet in their place there are
drifts of white and pink hawthorns in the paddocks.

A tree peony bows her head to listen to the chatter of

The shade house is bursting with sprays of orchids

and lilacs, although near the end of their season, still exude
their bitter-sweet perfume.

A few pelargoniums have recently found their way into my
garden and add an extra splash of colour.

Also these little purple daisies, Felicia augustifolia.

Another find and new addition so dear to my heart, a wildflower
in the country of my birth that grows on the wayside between
where my elder brother lived and where he now lies. Precious
memories awaken with the ringing of these beautiful blue bells.

Last but not least, springtime is the time for shearing the sheep
and tomorrow this little one will have trouble recognising its
own mother who will be slender as a willow wand when relieved
of her heavy fleece.

There is so much more I would lie to show you but one must
not bore on for ever.

All photos enlarge for those who are interested.

Thanks to Michelle of Rambling Woods for hosting this interesting meme.
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  1. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see spring as I gaze out my window here to see snowfall. Great photos!

  2. Such a delightful collection of spring flowers. I so love the smell of the lilacs. The little purple daisies look like our fleabane. Time for a new hairdo for the sheep.

  3. I especially like the orchids. Thanks for the answere on covered bridges. I thought that might have been the reason for them but didn't know for sure.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful flowers on your blog.They brightened my day.

  5. Ah, glorious spring! So delightful to see the polar opposite from our autumn. Sweet little lamb.

  6. It's so much fun seeing your part of the world bursting into spring while we head to winter. The flowers are all so beautiful and the little lamb is great.

  7. sooo many excellent colors. happy flowers,great photos! :)

  8. The splendor ofyour spring is a delight to behold. Thank you for these. Happy spring, to you.

    (I swear I can smell those flowers.)

  9. Beautiful Arija, how nice to see the garden bloom after the years of drought.

  10. It's so fun to see the first signs of spring as we work our way through the first signs of autumn! I always love hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy that beautiful place you live in and keep sharing it with us...

  11. Oh goodness, what a lovely, fragrant parade. I love them all, but I especially love the colors of the bluebells and lilacs.

    Oh, Arija, the little lamb! Pitter patter goes my heart!

  12. Those orchids are so beautiful... I wish I knew the magic to get mine blooming. :)

  13. Your spring could never be boring.. I will need to visit often through our winter...Thank you for asking.. I am doing ok and have gotten some help for my Mother.....not an easy thing to do....Michelle

  14. So nice to experience Spring on this gray rainy Autumn day. Your flower photos are stunning.

  15. Such wonderful spring impressions! I like the little sheep:-)) Hugs from Luzia.


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