Sunday, November 21, 2010

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Wittunga Botanical Gardens

Adelaide has three Botanical Gardens, the oldest in the CBD
of Adelaide, the mountain gardens at Mt.Lofty and the third
within the southern suburbs is Wittunga.

As you enter the gardens and nose into your parking spot,
you are greeted with this view of a magnificent pink
Callistemon in full bloom.

At present the gardens are filled with colour whichever way
you look.

There are many shady paths to wander and enjoy and green
lawns to picnic on, ducks to feed on the pond or grazing on
the lawns. A very people friendly place with all paths
negotiable by wheel chairs.

My camera and I spent a happy hour there last week.

All photos are best enlarged.

Thanks to all the happy flower people at TODAY'S FLOWERS
who host this meme we can smell the roses all around the world.


  1. Beautiful gardens, looks like a gorgeous place to visit. the flowers are all beautiful.

  2. One hour would never do.This place is spectacular.Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

  3. What a delightful tour of the gardens. I love the way the first ones look like little puffy pom poms.

  4. Such a beautiful botanical garden. Thank you for the tour!

  5. what a delightful garden and love all the beautiful blooms. thanks for the free tour.

  6. Such a gorgeous place! And such beautiful flowers and breathtaking colors! And your photos are superb as always, Arija! Things are better here, thanks for your concern! Your friendship is so appreciated!


  7. It looks a wonderful place to visit. It's so lovely to enjoy someone else's gardening work :-)

  8. Arija, such a delightful place to spend time in surrounded by the colors and fragrances. Seems a good year for flowers.

  9. Very lovely Arija. Would you believe that one the places that we call a botanical garden here is the very famous Cavehill Cemetery. They grow flowers, shrubs and trees there that sometimes do not even grow in a five state area. Your place looks just splendid~

  10. What a beautiful place. Your photos of it are stunning.


  11. In Hawaii, those hot pink ice plant flowers are called, 'akulele'. The buds are strung together for leis and often you see the leis of these in May when they are in their peak blooming time.

  12. Oh my good heavens! SO BEAUTIFUL! Yes! I scream with delight. Ah. I love flowers. I shall settle for a vase of roses. Everything looks so boring right now. The flowers have fallen...soon the leaves will follow. Have a beautiful week my dearest Arija! Tsup!

  13. Beautiful garden with beautiful flowers!


  14. These remind me of some beaties I came across in North Carolina.Thank you for triggering a memory that warmed me up. God bless.

  15. That is a gorgeous garden, and like you I could happily while away an hour or two (or three or four) soaking up the beauty.

  16. Very beautiful! I love going to botanical gardens.

  17. How wonderful to look at your beautiful flower garden pictures.
    Would love to come and visit right now. We are expexting the first blast of winter.
    Wünsche Dir eine gesegnte und friedliche Adventszeit,

  18. Simplesmente maravilhoso! Cores deslumbrantes!

  19. What a delightful place. And so beautifully maintained too. I'd love to visit a botanical garden like that!

  20. Those pink blooms are very attractive! Those clusters are a welcome sign to this beautiful garden.

  21. sigh...I needed some beautiful flowers this evening...thank you so much...Michelle


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