Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SkyWatch & Nature Notes ~ Desert Storm

Our first day at Wirrealpa Station on the eastern side of the
Flinders Ranges in semi-desert country and what do we get?

You guessed it, a storm brewing on the horizon.

Getting more and more threatening

as it gathers force,

and brakes in a downpour and partial darkness.

What can one do but retire to one's room in the shearers'
quarters with thick stone walls, white washed on the inside
and deep windowsills.

I chose this particular room because The window opened and
I could get light, air and a view as well.

It was fun scrambling between sleeping and living quarters
as well as the shower block in the pelting rain. It adds to the
experience to get something so unexpected.

All photos enlarge as always.

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Thanks to the SkyWatch Team we can all enjoy each other's skies.


  1. Wonderful photos. Thanks for these.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  2. Hello! Every time I come here, I have regrets. I regret not knowing you in person and not touching your hand. But I am still happy. You have touched my heart. Your photographs are wonderful. I love your enthusiasm as you click click click --- I can feel your excitement. I want you to infect me with that enthusiasm. Right now there is a Don Williams tune humming inside my head:

    "Lord, I hope this day is good,
    I'm feeling empty and misunderstood."

    COPACETIC. I love that state. COPACETIC or English COPASETIC.

  3. Beautiful,Arija. Glad you had more rain. We're desperate for rain here in the whole of South Africa. Did you sleep in your shearer's hut by choice? Looks a lovely place. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it's great that we got out on the bike and saw a bit of the country last weekend. Blessings and (((hugs))) Jo

  4. Ces

    you know I have a long arm, if only from lugging my camera, so no problem, I can hold your hand with ease across the seven seas. However, one day I would like to give you a big hug in person.
    You know you are a constant inspiration for me.


    we chose the shearer's quarters because they were spacious and had a great choice of rooms, and the dining room was very large with one huge table and two smaller ones which suited our purpose for indulging in our art/craft practices.

    You will see what I mean in later posts.

  5. Your photos tell the story along with your text. I like how you added the window for the stormy part. It reminds me of old radio broadcasts, where there is something left to the imagination.

  6. wonderful pictures like always ... nice window ... I never saw something like it before ... the weather looks dangerous ... I hope you had a good time there

  7. The magic of rain, to soak the ground and clear the air. Plus of course the shower you got running around in it. The shearer's cabin sounds quaint.

  8. Marvelous, stormy skies and terrific captures as always, Arija! Your photos are always inspiring and today's are no exception! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  9. Wonderful photos, amazing scenery. I love those colours of storm.
    Happy skywatching.

  10. It is said that, into each live a little rain must fall and you captured the beauty of the stormy skies splendidly, Arija.
    I love the smell in the air after the rain hits the dry grass out side my window. It is so refreshing to me.

    be well, be happy

  11. Wonderful images, especially the windmill shot!

  12. Fantastic shots. Rain can be so nourishing.

  13. I'm glad you found a pleasant place to wait out the weather!

  14. I love watching a storms approach and your images are vivid at showing the strenghtening rains. Happy Weekend!~ Mary

  15. Unexpected as it may have been, the rain added to the experience all the same. I look forward to reading more.
    I like the sound of your shearers accommodation.

  16. Beautiful country to travel through!

  17. I'm glad that your clouds held some rain. I've always lived where there was plenty of water, so this summer has been a bit scary and I really wish it would rain. Lovely photos and the view from the window.

  18. Impressive skies Arija! The sky is never the same and even changes by the minute. Thanks for sharing your sky with ours!

  19. It was exciting watching the storm approaching especially through that small and interesting window while you were feeling safe inside the room. I think that the feeling is special.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. The shots are beautiful. And I think it's fun watching how the dark clouds unfold and wait for the rain to come. Thanks for sharing!
    My skies

  21. poor tree, one solo tree, please some one, don't chop it down, please some one, don't burn it down. I love trees.

    How are you?

  22. Hi Arija, It looks like a comfortable place with its thick walls, when the storm hits the plain. I love these empty open spaces.
    I flew over the Flinder R. it was a fantastic show from not to far above.
    Hope all is well and you too!

  23. What an adventure you had. I'm glad you don't let a little rain ruin your spirit! Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits...

  24. I love the progression of the sky in the photos Arija... beautiful. We have had lots of rain and some wet snow...until today when the sun came out...Michelle

  25. One lone tree, standing up to the downpour. Brave little tree.

    I love the sound of a good downpour on the roof!

    love, love, love to you

  26. So wide is the landscape in your country and the sky is changing so fast. Thank you for sharing this day with us. Fortunately you had a good shelter.
    Have a good week


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