Monday, February 28, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Back to the Ranges

I know I have posted about this remarkable part of South
Australia before but this is an area I love so much that I
just could not help showing you a little more.

The Ranges are a National Heritage area, a National Park
where the 'dreamtime' sings to you and draws you into the
landscape. Painters are mesmerised by the beauty of the
light and intricacy of the rock formations and those who
seek solace for the sole just soak it up through every pore.

Hills photographed while driving by and as you snap, suddenly
you see a patch of brilliant colour.

Whether you have time or not, you stop and get out of your
car for a closer look. Snap a few dozen photos and turn back
to be faced with a flowering bush perhaps not quite as stunning
as the Sturt Desert Peas, but certainly a stunner in it's own right.

For the purists among the artist community there is gloriously
colourful ochre right on the roadside. One is not supposed to
plunder this riches but how can one resist when it is washing
away before your eyes.

Red ochre above and yellow below. There was white, deep
yellow and orange to be found here and there as well.

Changing light and little birds capture you attention

and the ever present red soil one can just never get enough of.

Beat this for a colour contrast!

All photos enlarge if you want to be sucked into the magic.
Enlarge at least the first one to see the folding of the mountainsides.

Thanks as always to the MY WORLD Team for hosting this meme.


  1. Ooooooooooohhhhh! Look at all the pigments!!! I see cadmium and vermillion, ochre... Wow!

    Such raw landscape. Someone please level the rocks and plant some grass and build a concrete parking lot!!!

    Hahaha! Good morning! Just kidding. I am asperatus this morning. TSUP!

    Gotta get ready for work. Just wanted to say hello. TSUP!!!

  2. Amazing area Arija---I have never seen pure pigment in the soil as you showed. I don't think I could get through there without snagging just a bit.
    The flowers, birds, the growth on the hills *looks* painted~~no wonder it is such a draw for artists of all kinds.
    Beautiful post!


  3. Beautiful, impressive , stunning.... not enough adjectives to describe your photos! I have always wondered why there is so much red soil in Australia. Are there other continents where red soil is found? I thought Africa perhaps.Thanks for sharing, Arija!

  4. ☆☆Mumsy has left a new comment on your post "MY WORLD ~ Back to the Ranges":

    Your photos are just breath-taking, and showing so much beauty in this world.

    Regarding your question of my location, I'm in Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA.

  5. Such incredible colors and beauty, Arija! And, of course, your captures are superb as always! How wonderful to be able to walk there and see if "for real"!! Hope your week is off to a good start, take care, enjoy!


  6. yes! What a fantastic spot. I know i'd love it there. The mountains in the first shot remind me of some places I really like in West Texas. So many great colors and scenes. Bet you love it there!

  7. Beautiful Arija! I love the landscapes and the beautiful wild flowers. I'd never notice the ochres, yellows etc. Thanks for showing me! Have a wonderful day. (((hugs))) Jo

  8. A naturalists paradise, so much to see and appreciate. I love the folds in the hills, what geologic force it must take, how many eons to create them. The earth in this place rivals the flowers for color. A beautiful and interesting post, Arija.

  9. Lovely images, I can see why you love it there.

  10. Beautiful colors and photos! I love all the pretty wildflowers. Great shots and I hope you have a great week!

  11. Beautiful colors and photos! I love all the pretty wildflowers. Great shots and I hope you have a great week!

  12. Those rolling hills are mystical and the color contrasts as delightful as in any painting. I imagine it is even more spectacular when there is in person. Thanks for sharing your fascinating journey.

  13. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Very beautiful photos. The first one reminds me of some of the canyons on the edge of my city.

  15. Great variety of colors, beautiful mountain slopes. I want to exercise my feet there. :)

  16. You can take us to the Ranges anytime. I love the texture of the landscape. What a treat for a painter to gather the raw ocher.

    I may miss a few posts while on a month long road trip to Texas to visit my Mom. Hope to stop in when I'm able. Take care. Hugs!

  17. Molto belle queste immagini, il posto deve essere molto gradevole da visitare !
    Buona giornata :)

  18. Such a great post ¨!!!
    Thank you very much!

  19. beautiful series, very nice photos

  20. What a gorgeous place! Feel free to take us there any time.

  21. I remember the first time I saw soil that colour - central Australia, after a long plane flight. I could hardly believe my eyes! Splendid pictures.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - and for reading the PS which most people have either missed or ignored!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  22. OH, what a magical place this is!

  23. Arija,I was really sucked into the magic of yours and the landscape itself. Flowers, earth color, wildlife..., everything look magical and fantastic, and I would do the same thing as you did if I were there in person. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Great photos. I recommend that everyone enlarge the first photograph as suggested. The folding pattern is wonderful.

    I was intrigued by the various colored ochre. I'd never seen that before.

  25. The textures and colors as well as all the contours are incredible. I would love to see that area some day but in the meantime your photography is a great substitute for visiting.

    I wish the classic car in my post was mine but alas I drive a very boring contemporary car.

  26. I'm totally 'sucked in to your magic' just from a couple of posts. Came over from WBW and am so thrilled to see you!

  27. Australia is incredible with so much least to my Canadian eyes!

  28. Thank you for playing, and for sharing this lovely place with us. I want to visit!

  29. I'm bewitched by the colors of that landscape, Arija. That last flower-filled photo gives me some hope that my own snow will someday melt and there will be blooms!

  30. All your photos are stunning. differnt place, different beauty!
    I feel Shinto(indigenous religion of Japan based on nature worship)world here!!Thank you.


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