Monday, February 14, 2011

MY WORLD & World Bird Wednesday - Gone Fishing

I hope you all can forgive me for not getting around to all
your blogs. Things are somewhat stressful here now, and
for quite some time to come. I do hope you will still leave
me your comments, they help me get through each day and
I appreciate them very much indeed.

At present, like this pelican, Pelicanus conspicillatus "Ah's
gone fishin'.... Just to Moonta Bay for a couple of days for
some much needed R&R. Naturally my camera and paints
are also making the journey.

Oops, a slight adjustment to flaps and the landing should be
a safe if not an elegant one.

Like the pelican I am hoping to catch enough fish to feed us.
Be prepared for some tall and maybe true stories to come . . .

I shall be out of range while away, so stay safe, well and happy

As always, all photos enlarge.

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  1. I wish you some relief from stress and some good rest. Shalom, peace.

  2. Great shots of the Brown Pelican! They always remind me of some prehistoric animal. Have a restful time off!

  3. I'm sending you good thoughts for less stress, rest, peace and lots of love, Arija! Your photos are always a delight!


  4. Oh Arija... I am so sorry... I send you warm hugs.....Michelle

  5. Safe landing and enjoy the fish.

    Peace be with you.

  6. Taking time to rest and relax is wonderful.I trust you will feel renewed when you return.

  7. Thinking of you. I shall keep visiting you in the hope that my visit gives you a little comfort.

  8. Happy landings, like your pelican. I hope the R&R does the trick for you. Enjoy!

  9. Great shot of the pelican in flight. I hope the stress will ease up soon. Take care!

  10. Enjoy your break~ nice place for fishing and painting.
    Take care
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  11. Hope you have some restful days at Moonta Bay together with your camera and paints. Take good care of yourself!

  12. Hilke

    my pelican is not a brown but an Australian Pelican, Pelcanus conspicillatus.

  13. I hope all is well and your stressful days come to an end. I love your pelican photos.

  14. I wish you a lot of strength to face the stressful situation.
    Your pelicans are very great. I don't know how you take these photos they are so clear.
    Thanks for your comment. I know there were elevators before the war, but not in ordinary apartments. In hotels however there were of course elevators, but in case of a power failure they don't work and that's difficult. I had once to walk down from the 19th floor to the groundfloor. Imagine if you have to carry luggage.

  15. Oh, dearest Arija. I hope you are able to decompress and rejuvenate while you are away. I am thinking of you and send you warm Valentine's Day hugs, today, tomorrow, the day after...


  16. Have a good rest, Arija. I'll be waiting for those "fish stories!"

  17. Oh Arija, I am so sorry to hear that you are having a stressful time. We all send you our love from Necky Knoll House - it would be so lovely if you could visit through the intergalactic portal and have tea and cake with us! Sending love and giraffitude to you, xxx

  18. HI Arija -- love your blog, love Pelicans, hope your life gets easier -- perfectly understand why you might not wish to take time to comment -- don't worry about it!!!

    (I'm old and have hardly any stress in my life right now and still sometimes it is hard to find time and energy to "visit back." Take care -- the important thing is to take care of yourself.

  19. Have a lovely time and may the whiting be on the bite.
    I have this thing about our lovely pelicans as well.

  20. Arija! Looking forward to some fish tales (and pics). And the fishing is ALWAYS good even if the catching isn't.

  21. Ah - what a wonderful bird is a pelican; its beak can hold more than its etc etc.

    I do like them - but up close they have such empty eyes!

    Cheers Stewart M

  22. maybe I should read the blog, rather than just look at the pictures!
    Hope things improve - will keep visiting!

    Stewart M

  23. Arija, what a magnificent bird! I hope you get that much needed rest and some fish!

  24. The pelican shots are wonderful! Enjoy your R&R.

  25. All the best wishes to you, I hope that you have a good and stressless time! Hugs, Maria

  26. Arija, I do hope that you shall not leave us without you for too long, always such a dear one to share with. The Pelican images are way too cute and I am sure that it made a safe landing too. Be safe, take very good care of yourself~

  27. Fabulous shots. Pelicans look so otherworldly, don't you think? Enjoy the fishing. x

  28. Pelicans are an amazing bird. How fortunate to see them.
    I hope Arija, you are getting some much needed relaxation. Good fishing too. I didn't know you painted. Tell me about it sometime.
    Take care my friend.Sending {HUGS}

  29. Dear Aria, I haven't been an active blogger lately, but I will always gladly visit your blog when ever I can.
    I like your photo of pelicans in flight very much.
    Take care of yourself my friend,

  30. You caught those images beautifully. Very clear considering everything.

    Goldenray Yorkies


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