Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nature Notes & SkyWatch ~ Heatwave Sunset

As I dribbled water on my collapsing plants in the slightly
cooler ( still 35C) part of the late afternoon, the light changed
and without looking up I raced for my camera.

Photos are in consecutive order as snapped . . .

This is what I saw as, with camera primed, I hit the outdoors,

click! Promising, I thought . . . click!

What a change in seconds, is this it???

Change is like a holiday so here comes more colour,

only to treacherously fade again,

Before the grand finale. Everything has a silver lining, even
a severe heatwave or as the Northern Hemisphere are having,
ice storms and blizzards. Could a bird have a prettier perch
than a sparkling, ice covered twig?

If you want to get a tan, enlarge at your peril but do put on
some sunscreen first.

The garden droops with crisped flowers but the sunsets are fantastic!

Thanks to Rambling Woods and Skywatch for the relevant memes.
Click on either or, better still, both Logos to join in or just enjoy.


  1. Supurb sunset shots! It's amazing how quickly they can change. You did well!

  2. Amazing photos ~ I did enlarge without sunscreen or sunglasses and WOW!! so beautiful

  3. Sunsets are amazing creatures; you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes by the time I get my camera ours have gone from the beautiful color-filled one to the squirt of pink on a blue sky.
    They must be women.....changing their mind!
    Your are beautiful and fun to see the progress.


  4. Arija, what mesmerizing skies you have captured! They are just beautiful. Being at the right place at the right time means everything!
    I have been worried about where you are located with all the fierce storms, but from your posts you are safe , but incredibly hot! If I could do a rain dance I would send you some water...
    For us, the storm has passed the our East, but left us with frigid temps. Right now it is 2ºF -16ºC.
    Do take care my friend.

  5. What a gorgeous photo essay Arija! I'm so glad you ran for your camera. I did enlarge a couple of these (I live in Florida so it's too late to worry ;>)....your sky colors are absolutely amazingly beautiful.

    Wonderful pictures --never go out without your camera!! I hope you are staying safe!

  6. The beauty of the sunset must give us hope. The world is changing and for better or worse we must adapt. Love your fantastic images spread to the world. Be well.

  7. Fantastic captures as always, Arija! And what a glorious way to end the day! Hope you get a break from the heat -- maybe you could send a little to Seattle???? I could surely use some!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Arija, with more beautiful skies!


  8. Wow...I just adore the colors and the scenery.. It's true that the birds looks pretty in the winter and I am happy that my yard provides much needed food and water...hugs.. Michelle

  9. Gorgeous! And the changes are amazing.

    I'll trade you all the ice and snow you want for just a little of that heat.

  10. Stunning images! Australia is such a place to live in... The skies, the surroundings, the people... what more could you ask for?? Hope to visit one day! After all, I have this thing for a peaceful horizon... :-D

    Warm greetings from West Africa!

  11. It is the gods toying with you or sending you a message. A pretty message.

  12. Amazing sunset shots! Hope your plants will survive this heat.

    My entry is here

  13. Great series of photographs of that stunning ever changing sky !

  14. Hiya,
    What brilliance in your skies.
    Almost like vulcanic dust colouring the sky. Still so hot then. Do you all have air-conditioning? Just thinking of your poor lilies and roses :-)

  15. ohhh! that's one fancy sky! I looove it! It's fun to watch the sky change like that, what a show!

  16. Lovely post and description! Your sunset is just wonderfully amazing.

  17. Looking at these I have to say,'What a Mighty God we serve!'.

  18. A fantabulous seies of photos. Gorgeous colour and I like the silhouetted trees and bush. I remember SA sunsets well. Makes me a little "homesick".

  19. Gorgeous series of of beautiful skies!

  20. How fantastic! Very beautiful! I love these colours.I hope the weather with you is better than in Queensland, though my daughter in Cooktown fortunately is okay. Even Cairns is reasonably safe.But I pity all the people who lost their houses.

  21. Brillant sunsets. Just wonderful.

  22. It's amazing how much change can occur in the sky with such a brief amount of time. These are all stunning shots.

  23. Hi Arija!
    Your sunset photos are wonderful, as always.
    I love the pomegranate color layered with that special blue that only comes at sunset.
    In the third photo is that beautiful tree ~ so balanced.

    Wishing you joy,

  24. Oh wow, beautiful fiery skies!

  25. Fantastic way to end a day! Your skies are heavenly.
    Joyce M

  26. Whoa...fabulous changes in color! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hallo Arija,

    schöne Bilder. Ivh hatte leider keine Zeit für einen SWF-Beitrag. aber die Sonne ist auch ohne mich untergegagen.

    Ich denke an all die netten Menschen in Australien, die jetzt von den Naturgewaöten betroffen sind, möge Gott sie schützen.

    Dir ein gutes Wochenende.

    Liebe Grüsse Hartmut

  28. Lovely sequence Arija. We are so lucky with our sunsets in Adelaide!! And yes, Trevally and Blue-eyed Trevalla at fish frenzy - Delicious!!

  29. Arija, you are the Queen of Sunset Images!

    May your skies keep you well sheltered and safe,

  30. You have some of the nicest photos of skies that I have seen today.

  31. Gorgeous photos Arija!!! Have a great weekend!

  32. Now this is NOT a gentle sky! Drama queen all the way! Wonderful and glad you captured it.

  33. Ow Wow beautiful skies. LOve the colours.

  34. Stunning colors! You've captured them so well...

  35. Wow, stunning skies!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  36. What a gorgeous sunset, and such changes in a short time. I don't think it's every been 35 C at my house!

  37. Hmmm a heatwave sounds very appealing right now Arija! What extremes we are enduring in our respective parts of the world.
    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog :)
    Although it goes against the grain to say this from where I am, try and stay COOOL.

  38. These are amazing photos of the changing colors of light. Although I love the bright colors, but the second to the last is my favorite.

    The soft light and shadows cast a great reflection on the little lake.

    Hope everything is well with you, Arija, take care.

  39. Arija, I hope the beauty of those sunsets lifts your spirits and cools your mind! Just lovely! Don't get overheated racing to see them though!

  40. Wow ... amazing photos ... so beautiful.
    Came here via Merisi!

  41. These are great photos also. You manage to really get some good ones. Hey I input my link wrong on the other posts could you fix it so it doesn't show errors. Should be like below and if not will cause errors. I especially like some of these you catch like this. Thanks
    Goldenray Yorkies


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