Monday, June 25, 2012

OUR WORLD - A New Arrival

It has been a full and harrowing time since I last posted. Like 
shades of Lemony Snickert, there have been a few unfortunate 

I am still jelly limbed as I thank God for our granddaughter's 
miraculous survival of a horror car crash. Somehow, that relegated 
blogging to the depths of a dark cupboard.

Next, my 95 year old friend of 40 years standing, suffered a fall 
and broke two vertebra. Suddenly, independent living is no longer
an option for her and we had to honour our promise to take her
little dog.

Allow me to introduce you to Koockie, obviously taken with our
eldest granddaughter. Over the years, the grandchildren have amassed
quite a menagerie of foundlings and ill treated four legged friends.

The first attempt of Bumble, a loveable bottle raised sheep, to 
make friends, seemed questionable. A couple of days later though, 
Koockie's confidence had grown  and an entente cordiale was 

Grandson's valiant attempt to hush Rex's very loud bark proved 
futile but first meetings can be deceptive. The black and white dog 
looking on is one of my eldest granddaughter's 'acquisitions' and 
the friendliest dog that ever was.

Meeting horned beasts proved rather daunting.

A happy respite in my garden.

Meeting a beast so much bigger than yourself, can be intimidating

but meeting a whole herd is frightening indeed and yet, he tried 
his level best to protect me from them.

So now the cat is out of the bag. I have a dog. A blessing, a
responsibility and a definite liability when photographing birds 
and wildlife. The blessing is that I have to take him on twice daily 
walks and walking in nature is one of the great joys of my life.

All considered, I feel incredibly blessed.


  1. Although life is full of ups and downs a dog can bring new views. Hope your grandaughter is alright.

  2. Yes, thank God indeed for your granddaughter's escape from the crash. I hope she's doing well. How kind of you to take in your friend's dog. I know he's rather lost for a while, adjusting to all the new folks and critters in his life.

  3. and your friend is eternally grateful for you loving her pup. you are a blessing. :)

    sorry to hear about your worries and scares, though!

  4. Glad your daughter survived the car crash and good on you for adopting Coockie. I have recently adopted the dog of a lady who passed away after a heart by-pass operation.

  5. I do hope your daughter is doing well! How frightening for all of you! Love your "new" friend and what a great friend you are to take him in! Hope there are no more frightening things happening in your life and your world, Arija! I'm holding good thoughts for you as always! Have a good week!


  6. sorry to hear of your daughter & friend...hopefully all will go well and your scares will fade away.

    what a little cute one, kookie is!
    i feel the same way he does about horses...i like to see them, but at a distance...they intimidate me too!

    so nice of you to take kookie into your home!!

  7. Sounds like life has thrown you a few curves but as I would expect,you handle it all with grace.

  8. I am so relieved that your GD was not hurt but so sorry about your friend..but the dog will have a great place to stay..hang in there..hugs..

  9. Sounds like you are all recovering from some big things happening in your life, and I include dear Kookie in that! Your post is a testimony to gratefulness, love and concern dear Arija.
    Glad everyone is O.K after such a worrying time, and that you are all now enjoying a new "addition to the family" albeit a four-legged one!

  10. Hope he adjusts quickly. It must be a comfort to your friend to know he has a good home!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. I am sorry to hear of your news but am thanking the the dear Lord for blessing the safe care of your grand-daughter. She most definitely has a guardian angel by her side.
    Also sorry about your friend who has suffered the fall, my God watch over her as well.
    Having a dog is nice. I have one, wasn't sure about it but now it is the best thing ever. Keeps me occupied and I laugh and smile a lot more... take care, my friend.

    MJ (Michele)

  12. Sorry to read of all the turmoil you and yours have recently experienced. I'm sure your friend is relieved her pet will be well cared for as she adjusts to the loss of her independence. Good, caring friends are absolute treasures! Thanks for sharing and hopefully there are brighter days ahead for all of you.

  13. I can imagine the relief your dear friend must feel Arija knowing that her dear Kookie has a loving home and family and you have a wonderful new friend and companion.

  14. Sorry to hear about your bad news. I am happy your granddaughter was Ok after the car accident. I am happy for Kookie too. I am sure your friend is very happy knowing Kookie is in a good home. You do seem to have handle it all very well. Take care and have a great week ahead.

  15. Am sure your granddaughter is dong well now.Your new arrival looks wonderful.Take care and have a great day!


  16. Hi there - hope you can now have some time without dramas.

    The shots of the dog and the sheep reminded me of the film Babe for some reason!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  17. You certainly have been through the wringer. I love the dog. What a great reason to go for a walk. Pity about the birdlife photos though. Hope you have a good week.

  18. I am saddened to read some parts of your comment on my blog. Just when you think life could not get any tougher, it does. More power and strength to your granddaughter. Life is so precious. Our friend's son had a rollover. He fractured the bones around one eye, lost eyesight on that but they cannot operate because the bone fragment is so close to the brain. He is a good boy and he used to play with our children. I hope you will enjoy your new company. My son's second adopted stray is a permanent member of our family now. He proved to be an expensive decision. We just took him to the vet for clostridium. Honestly!!! Where and how does he pick up this stuff. The vet said he may have been stressed and it occurred to me that maybe he was. So now I am very gentle to him and pay him a lot of attention. he follows me everywhere! hahah! I love you! Tsup!

  19. How frightening for you to have your granddaughter in a bad car accident, but sounds like God was watching over her. I hope she is fully recovered.

    Sad that your friend can no longer live on her own. Bless you for adopting her dog. That had to be hard for her to give him up, but at least she knows he will be well cared for. Looks like he is adjusting well.

  20. Arija, you certainly DO have a lot going on! I am so sorry about your friend being injured and glad that you have found a new walking companion! I am equally sorry to hear that your granddaughter was in such a terrible crash! I have survived 3 of those and I well know how difficult it can be to recover. It is often a long road and the effects on the brain can be long lasting! I hope she is getting the help that she needs. I will keep you and her in my prayers! Hugs!

  21. Arija, sorry to read about the accident and your friend's fall. Hope your granddaughter will fully recover and that your friend will feel better knowing her beloved pet has a new family.

  22. Arija -- I had my heart in my mouth when I read the first few line of your post.... I am so happy that your granddaughter is OK....and I am sorry about your friend, but glad for her and for her dog to have you.....When we traveled all the time, we used often to note that the dog owners got exercise by walking around the RV park no matter what the weather.


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