Monday, December 3, 2012

OUR WORLD - Jacaranda Time

When Jacarandas are in bloom, they bring back the loss of my 
mother even more poignantly.
25 years have passed since she left us, yet not a day goes by
without us calling upon her in some way.

The churchyard was full of Jacaranda trees in full bloom and
the ground was a carpet of blooms in her favourite colour.

Such a lovely path to take.

Saturday morning, for the first time in many months,
I managed the drive to the Angaston market, 
how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to snap a few 
shots of this bounty on the ground?

Oh, such bitter sweet memories.


  1. Always so hard to lose a love one, but so much colorful beauty to have as a reminder, Arija!! The Jacarandas have always been a favorite of mine, although the only time I lived in an area where they were as plentiful as they are in your area, was when I lived in Mexico and they were awesome! Hope you have a good week.

  2. gosh, they're beautiful. i am sorry it is a melancholy memory for you.

  3. It is a happy sad kind of memory I am sure. What beauty in those glorious blossoms, in the trees, as well as the carpeted earth beneath...lovely.
    My momma passed over in 1993 and I think of her when I see Hydrangeas in blooom, or smell the fragrance of Gardenias...heaven scent;')

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos ~ Your Mom am sure is all around you in spirit ~ blessings to you ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  5. Big hug Arija - beauty and sadness together - a poignant post. Some days are harder than others aren't they. Thinking of you today. Lovely that you managed to drive to the Angaston markets. Caitlin and I managed to get to the Lobethal one on Sunday before things get busy with David's op. A wander around the markets is always good for the spirit.

  6. Yet how lovely that these glorious blooms can spark the memory of your mother. For me, it's lilacs.

  7. how incredibly beautiful Arija... I've never seen these trees before, the color is magnificent. What a wonderful way to be reminded of your beloved mother. I've been thinking of you since your last sky watch post, with prayerful, healing thoughts.

  8. Back in the UK it was frosts or certain types of birds that said Christmas is coming - here its the Jacarandas in flower!

    Not sure I was in one of the super plush hotels - but given that work was paying it was a bit more up market than my normal standard!

    Stewart M - Melbourne.

  9. Bitter-sweet and beautiful. The jacaranda is such a spectacular tree. I planted a few when I lived in the central west of NSW - I do hope that the next owners nurtured them and cherished them.

  10. I wish we had jacarandas in this country. They are one of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen.

  11. Beautiful colour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. I just love it when the blooms are falling. Next year I can enjoy it here again. Great shots!

  13. Arija, how lovely! I am so sorry that you miss your mother so much. Now that I have moved across the country I miss mine too and only need to talk about her and I start tearing up. She is doing well, however and busy decorating her Christmas tree. He first mammogram since her surgery and cancer treatment are all clear. I am so happy that she is still with us!


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