Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday - Another Failure

Yes, my granddaughter rescued another one.
This time a young male red-rumped parrot.
The wound itself was not very serious, he had however
lost some blood and had a nasty shock.

We rebuilt the budgie cage and suspended it among the vines by 
the door to get him used to humans passing.
I searched the garden for appropriate seeds but most had already
found the ground. I dashed into the village and got a bag of budgie 
I had already mixed his water with a drop of honey and his progress 
was very promising during the day. The cage was covered by a 
thick towel when he was settling down for the night and I had high 
hopes for this recovery.

Unfortunately, after all the hot weather we had had,
the temperature plummeted during the night and by morning 
he had joined the great parrot in the sky.

I am used to raising rescue birds and returning them to the wild, 
but the loss of this one somehow hurt more than the loss of 
nestlings that had little chance of survival. 
I suppose because I had got him over the worst but made the mistake 
of not taking him indoors for the night.

Cat attack + human error = an unfortunate end.

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  1. Yes, it does hurt Arija. It is the price we pay for caring. I rescued a hedehog here just as they were going into hibernation for the winter. He was under nourished and I fed him up and put him in the hay barn, where we always have hedgehogs hibernating. But we found him dead a couple of weeks later - we were so sad.

  2. Oh, what a shame. Well, at least you did your best, Arija!

  3. Too bad, he's a little beauty. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. You did your best, I think you have a big heart for helping others!
    I wish you a nice day!

  5. You have a kind and genital heart, Arija. Thanks for all that you do to help birds in the wild.

    1. I may be kind hearted where living things are concerned but genital ??? heart?

      OK, OK, I know it was a typo.

  6. Arija,
    I agree with Hans: you did the very best you could.
    Big hug,

  7. sorry about that. you definitely tried, though.

  8. I like your formula at the end of the post Arija, but you tried - that's the important thing... and many succcess stories with past releases back into the wild is important too.

  9. Such is nature. I have read that domestic cats are one of the greatest threats to wild birds.

  10. I am sorry Arija! So nice of you to try and help the parrot.

  11. You gave it a good shot and sometimes that's all we can do.

  12. I have a huge weakness for the red-rumped parrots (known as bum birds by one of my SIL because she cannot remember their name). Earlier this year we I was doing twice daily trips to the hospital it was such a gift to discover a small flock of them feeding in the trees just outside the main entrance. Which is a long-winded way of saying I share your pain.

  13. Ah, I'm so sorry you lost the little one. You did your best, and that's all you can do. Bless you for trying.

  14. So sad. What a beautiful bird.

  15. One can but try!

    I think seeing me in a tutu would detrimental for most peoples health - especially if you have a heart condition!!!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  16. This bird is so lovely with pastel colors. I understand your bitter feeling, but you did your best as everyone wrote.

    I was so glad with your visit which activated this interaction. What with family matters and with language-wise, I’ve been slow in visiting Friends and actually I’ve been tied with returning comment. I’m amazed with people who keep both blogging and commenting constantly. I remember you have kept posting even when misfortunes happened, which I admire. Wish you feel better sooner.


  17. Oh Arija, what a sad story! I'm so sorry!

  18. How sad for you and your granddaughter!
    You had good intention at least, but one cannot know and protect from everything.
    Thanks for your comment in my blog!
    Greetings Pia in Sweden


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