Monday, January 14, 2013

OUR WORLD - Wambelong Fire

One of my favourite National Parks, the Warrumbungles,
a treasure trove of fossils, rockformations and beautiful bushland,
have been consumes by massive bushfires.

A ferocious fire that has already consumed 33 homes as well as
the living quarters of the Siding Springs Observatory, the most
important observatory in Australia and a major link of the great
observatories of the world.

40,000 hectares have been decimated with terrible stock and 
wild life losses.

High winds, high temperatures, difficult terrain and zero
humidity were all factors in the difficulty of getting a grip on it.

The fure service threw everything at it that they had available 
without much effect, it is still raging out of control and will 
take some time manage. 
There are still 22 fires raging in New South Wales.

My heart goes out to all the people affected who have lost their 
homes and have to put down suffering animals.
We went through the same 30 years ago and the psychological 
scars still linger.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, they were shot off 
TV news programmes.
I tried to find my photos of this area from our last visit, but with 
two computers and two external hard drives full of photos,
it would have taken me a week or two .

Hats off to all the volunteer firefighters snatching a few hours of 
sleep on camp beds at the relief centre in Coonabarabran.
These dedicated men and women leave their work places at the
sound of the siren and put their lives on the line for weeks to
keep their community safe, often having their own home burn 
while they try to save someone else's.

Please God we are spared more loss of life!


  1. I echo your sentiments, Arija, that no more lives be taken by bushfires or their aftermath. The bravery of our fire-fighters (full-time and volunteers) takes my breath away - I salute them all. May God indeed protect them, their families and their own homes.

  2. Such a devastating fire, Arija!! So much destruction! We've had our share of them over the past couple of years!! Hope you and your family are safe!!

  3. The bushfires are out of control this year... Stay safe, Arija.

  4. I've been watching news of your country's horrible losses from these fires, Arija. We are next in line here in CO if winter doesn't provide us more moisture. I cannot imagine the impact on people and animals. I hope your climate gets some needed moisture soon and less wind!

  5. Not good news ~ great photos ~ devastating ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  6. The skinny person drove past on Sunday and said that the plume of smoke and flames looked like a volcano. I understand that the smoke reached fourteen kilometers into the sky. Friday is the ten year anniverary of the firestorm here in which 500 homes and four lives were lost. The losses of the native animals and their habitant are also huge/were also huge. My heart is hurting.

  7. I've never been to this beautiful area but oh! the devastation bush fires leave in their wake .... Frightening!

  8. i am so sorry. a fear at the top of my list. i cannot imagine the helplessness in the wake of a fire this large and powerful.

  9. It is so sad to see so much loss,and yes, the people who fight these fires deserve a medal.

  10. We saw it on the news, and it looks it happens around Australia every year. When a part of our country just suffer from destructive typhoons, floods and landslides, yours come from fire. They are all horendous, but i guess when nature comes, we are just like ants! God bless.

  11. So tragic Arija, It is a feeling of helplessness, but amazing how everyone bands together. The firefighters and the volounteers are true heroes. Stay safe.

  12. I am saddened by the loss of so much life.

  13. How sad and tragic. The fires have destroyed so much! God bless those firefighters and keep them safe. I hope the fires are controlled soon or you have some nice rain to put them out. Wishing you a happy week ahead, Arija!

  14. Terrible!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  15. We have been following the terrible news of the bushfires here in the UK. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live with the fear of fire. Those fire fighters are indeed heroes.

  16. Fires are horrifying and my hat goes off to the firefighters and others who have to deal with them. My heart goes out to all those affected. I hope they are able to get them under control very soon.

  17. Oh dear. That is devastating to hear. I will keep all the people and animals and firefighters in my prayers.

    Came to wish you a happy new year, dear Arija.

  18. My heart and best wishes go out to everyone affected by these fires. We went through this last summer, as two lives were lost and 346 homes destroyed by a wildfire in my city - I know people who lost their homes, and my office was almost lost as we couldn't go to work for weeks.

  19. How tragic Arija! I hate when things like this happen, such a tragedy for the people, the animals, the loss of nature all around, as well as homes and business. Yes, I can only imagine that is something that one never forgets. Guess what?
    I went to market yesterday and I bought myself an Orchid, and was thinking about you, when I did;')
    Love and hugs~

  20. I was wondering Arija if you were near these fires, but I can see you are safe. Fires are horrible for both man and animal destroying everything in it's path. Our son is a volunteer firefighter, and I know all too well what they go through. God bless every one of them and hopes for their safety.Prayers for the animals too, that they will find refuge.

  21. So tragic. I hope they get control soon.

  22. So sad! I do hope they can get under control soon.

  23. Oh Arija -- These are just terrible terrible fires. Devastating. I hope they find a way soon to control them and of course most of all I wish for no more loss of life. I'm so sorry.

  24. That is terrible! My prayers are with your country during these tragic days.

  25. :( I hope they get it under control quickly. On a positive look - i went backpacking recently somewhere that had been destroyed by fires a couple years ago and the regrowth is looking great and coming back with a vengeance! !

  26. Awful! I've watched those fires on the news.

  27. Oh Arija, how sad and tragic! I am sorry for you and your country!


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