Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SkyWatch Friday - Growing Rainbows

Yes, it is that magical time again when we
see rainbows

though the weight of clouds was great
the sun, like Atlas, lifted them with one hand

to create a rainbow fountain

too late to get the camera out of it's case,
so these are all taken with my very old but bullet proof
Samsung mobile phone

can you see that pot of gold gleaming?
I think it is nesting in the tree

Thank you to all those who present this lovely meme!


  1. HI Arija Lovely images. It is amazing how good the photos from phones are now. Margaret

  2. Fantastische Stimmung liebe Freundin.

    Ich habe mir eine kleine PC - Auszeit gegönnt, stelle aber ab und zu etwas Neues in all meine Blog ein...

    Es sollen neune werke in Fotm von Fotos, Haikz und Gedichte entstehen.

    Umarmung liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  3. One of the most precious gifts of all. I hope to experience rainbows soon as it seems monsoon has begun.

  4. Oh my. I adore rainbows - and that was a treat. Thank you.

  5. Always a lovely treat to see rainbows. Beautiful captures, Arija! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Beautiful captures of the rainbow.

  7. I love rainbows, and the last two shots capture it perfectly. Are you sure the pot of gold isn't in that last tree?

  8. Ah, somewhere over the rainbow!! I love how it seems to be shooting up in the first two shots and spraying the sky with its colors!! Wonderful captures for the day, Arija, as always! Hope you have a lovely, peaceful weekend!

  9. truly beautiful! thanks for sharing these!

  10. Rainbows are sooo beautiful and fascinating!
    Thanks for sharing, Arija!

  11. So beautiful!! I rarely see rainbows here so this is a welcomed treat.

  12. Inspiring views of the rainbow! And love the joy in your commentary on them!

  13. So, beautiful! And now-a-days mobile phone photography is so popular!

  14. Gorgeous photos Arija, just beautiful! thank you for stopping and clicking on the post about my Dad. I was so sorry to hear about your dear Dad. They will always be with us won't they and we will always miss them?
    An English Girl Rambles

  15. Oh, so very lovely!

  16. Wonderful series! I think, it's always kind of magic when I see a rainbow.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  17. Beautiful double rainbow. Well done!

  18. Magical sequence of shots. I remember as a teenager trying to follow a rainbow to the pot of gold. The journey was so much fun.

    Thanks for your tip about amber glasses.


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