Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday - Sitting like a pigeon in the park

Saturday morning, dog was so patient while I shopped
that I took him for a nice long walk in the Nuriootpa linear park.

We discovered an old orchard that had been incorporated
 into the park

a Masked Lapwing complained at our approach

but was not too phased by us

two Crested Pigeons were pecking in the grass
this was the first time I have captured that iridescent 
magenta on it's wing
click the picture to see the colour

 one of them looked up but otherwise
they did not mind us

I don't get out much so getting birds is a bit of a 
hit and miss affair

at least these were big enough for me to see LOL

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  1. Hi Arija I love seeing the Australian birds. The first time I came across the Masked Lapwing, it bombarded me as I had unwittingly gone to nest its mates nest!!! I learnt early to be wary of these birds. Margaret

  2. I see a little patch of green on the wing too!

  3. Wonderful captures, Arija, and such a beautiful bird!! I do hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

  4. Both nicely colored birds but I'd rather see the Pigeon than the Lapwing. Lapwings around my place dive-bomb you in a most dangerous fashion!

    1. Mick, I am surprised at the lapwing bombarding people, I know magpies do, though none of ours do, but I have sat on the ground 3' from a lapwings nest and it barely showed i's spikes. It called for it's mate who flew in and was about 8' away. They both quietened down and I could photograph to my heart's content.

  5. These are beautiful birds. Look different than the lapwings I saw in South Africa or any kind of pigeon I've seen. Nice to have a park nearby.

  6. Such beautiful captures of birds who have claimed a piece of my heart. Thank you. While I have seen the magenta on the crested pigeons I have NEVER caught it with my camera. Congratulations - a real win.

  7. The Lapwings do let you know when they are not pleased with the world - we call them "Birds of Stress"!

    Thanks for the link to WBW.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. the lapwings are noisy plovers aren't they just?!

  9. A very fruitful walk in the park. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. What an awesome-looking bird. I love that patch of color. He doesn't look too happy you are there, does he?:-)

  11. WBW is a great excuse to get out and about.

  12. All that beauty during a humble walk to the store!

  13. Hi Arija...I do like WBW because I get to see so many different birds like your here!!
    Like that yellow masked fellow !!


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