Monday, December 16, 2013

OUR WORLD & Nature Notes - The Chicken Saga Continues . . .

Second day and they are happy and healthy and fluffy

enjoying a little outdoor time

tiring themselves, doing a little preening and  settling 
down for a nap.

Two days later while I was away for a couple of hours,
fate stepped in again.
This time not to save them from a watery grave but
to take one that the goose had not managed to drown.

The silly little one had got itself soaked in the small water dish
with just a little water in it.

When I got back, at first I could not even find it, this tiny 
sodden bit of something in the bottom of the box on it's last 
few breaths. Hypothermia had taken it's toll.

It died peacefully being warmed my my Reki hands.

The other knows both my foot fall and voice and would 
love to nestle into my hair but will have to do with the two 
exchange blankets I knitted for it so one at least is clean while 
the other is being washed.

In five days it has grown little winglets that let it safely 
flutter to the ground.

Whichever sex it turns out to be, it will be a welcome addition 
to the chicken coop.

Hope you all have had a less traumatic week than mine.

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  1. Very cute! I hope it survives and thrives!

  2. I do hope your drama for the week is over. Love the little survivor.

  3. Glad you have a survivor on your hands. Or in your hair if it can.

  4. Oh Arija - there are so many hazards for these fragile little things that it is a wonder any of them survive, but they do and are maybe stronger for their early struggle. Hope this little one grows to be big and strong.

  5. I am sorry about your chicks and I am happy that one survived. It is a cutie. Great shots. Have a happy week!

  6. Ah I'm so sorry one little chick died. I hope the other thrives under your loving care. Have a happier week, Arija. Jo

  7. Glad you have a survivor!! Poor little guys!!

  8. Poor chickie...The remaining one is so tiny and sweet. I guess as fragile as they are the survival of one is the miracle we should concentrate on. Not so easy always.

  9. Oh, sorry about the little chick :( The survivor is so cute!

  10. I'm sorry about the one that didn't make it and will keep everything crossed for the surviving one.

  11. as I watch snowflake feathers winging their way from heaven to earth… I imaging the soul of this little bird you cared for heaven bound. Maybe that is melodramatic, this is just life after all and for me heaven is a place in our hearts not somewhere distant… it is so kind that you tended these little creatures with such kindness.

  12. Wow, are they cute, so nice shots, Arija!

  13. There a twin girls at a special needs pre-school where I work and the first two photos remind me of them together, bless them! One has recently graduated away from her little walking frame and is walking independently now with her ambulant sister - don't we wish life was always full of successes but 'Es ist wie es ist' Arija and we take it from there don't we - I wish your dear little chicken all the best.

  14. So heart appealing, sadness does come into nature much too often, but hoping this sweet little one shall remain and grow and we shall see again later. Hugs!

  15. Oh no....little ones are so fragile.... I am so sorry Arija.... Hugs.... Michelle

  16. Cute little ones. When I was a principal, the kindergarten teacher would hatch chickens each year for Open House. It was great because our kids lived in the inner city. - Margy

  17. Not a happy story. Water is such a menace!

    Glad you liked my wordy post - and while I'm grateful for the birthday wishes it was not my party!.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  18. Oh how sad Arija, so sorry! Sending a hug! I popped in to thank you for your anniversary wishes. I also wanted to wish you A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year, may it be one of peace and joy.

  19. Poor little thing! I hope the survivor makes it through the heat wave!

    PS The only reason I didn't write about Andamooka is because I haven't been there! BUT ... there's always next year!!


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