Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Footsteps lead fron doorway warm
into the white beyond
the single track grows long and lost
over the rise beyond

Over the hill and down through the dale
and ever onward going
through drift and and frozen patch of grass
the footsteps pass, the footsteps pass
along the wood with laden bough
they go not stopping for a rest
on, ever onward, forward going
with bent head to the falling snow they trudge
one foot and then the other

Till far into the darkening night
a light gleams through a window
the steps have long behind been filled
the snow lies silent there
and onward go the steps intent
on yonder lighted beakon.

The need is great, they hasten now
towards the one light beaming
Inside the room she waites and hopes
the child as yet unborn
with practiced hand he turns the babe
easing her sweating brow
the cry of life soon rends the air
filling the gentle room with joy
At last the weary feet can rest a while
as Christmas morn dawns bright and clear

before they set out once again
upon the sparkling morning snow
to make the marks that once have been
with lightened heart
tarrying now and then to watch a bird
or mind the light upon an ancient tree
and onward bound for home and hearth
where anxiously they wait for news
and for their safe returning.


  1. Beautiful poem and photos. And miles to go before I sleep!

    I will be singing your Trafalgar Square version all day today.

  2. Absolutely beautiful poem and photos! Touched my life today with such beauty! Thank you! It was needed today.

  3. Oh...beautiful Arija...perfect...

  4. I prefer your warm weather photos, the snowy ones just remind me of what's just around the corner for us.

  5. I love this so much. Both words and pictures.

  6. Lovely poem and photos! You can feel the cold in it, and the bright hope.

  7. Is this the poem you wrote yourself! Congrats! It's beautiful and the photos are splendid too.

  8. A lovely pre christmas post. You have already put up your Christmas tree. My two granddaughters will come over the weekend and help me decorate.

  9. This is a dear sweet poem Arija.. and your photos document it so true.. I remember a night similar to that... best present ever...

  10. Thanks for visiting the Sunshine Coast! I see what you mean about snow... maybe I need some of our bright shining sand shots to trick everyone.


    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  11. The gold foil stars made by your granddaughter are exquisite! I learned how to make them as a child in my small country school.

    It is Saturday 11am here, and the sun's finally out. I already did my shopping and household work and after having walked the dog, I shall be out there, taking pictures. Hopefully the sun stays for a while. We had a whole lot of gray foggy days, only diffused light.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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