Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MY WORLD ~ 7 Some Animals on the Farm

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My computer has been out of commission for
few days so this is not what I promised which,
God willing, will follow next week.

I give you instead some of my 'grand' animals
on the farm.

One of a number in the chook yard, this one was
so fluffed up and broody it was kind of cute

the grandchildrens' bunnies, there are 6 in all

A clutch of ducklings from the farmers' market
acquired last week

two of the 5 horses my daughter and two grand-
daughters have

The old dog Kip and her new friend Rex

Our grandson's dog Rex with flyaway ear
turning like a stock horse on a sixpenny bit

This is but a small selection of the animals in my world.
I hope you have enjoyed them a little.

My thanks to the SkyWatch/My World team for giving
us this opportunity to show something of what we hold
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  1. So cute - they are adorable. I'm so glad you share your world with these lovely animals

  2. oh my gosh! this is a small selection?! Your grandchildren must be in heaven. They are all beautiful.

  3. Sweet! Like it!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. so beautiful photos!
    have a nice week!! :)

  5. Wonderful post. Impossible not to smile while looking at them.

  6. What a wonderful way to live.. love sharing my life with animals.. they teach us all so much..

  7. I love them all! How marvelous to have them all around you all of the time! and, indeed, your grandchildren must feel they live in heaven! Thank you so much for sharing and how lovely to be able to share your world with the animals as well as us two-legged ones!

  8. Awww...white fluffy duckings caught my eye first..

  9. Looks like a place I would love to visit. The bunnies are my favorite!

  10. A great collection of animals. They'd keep someone busy just looking after them!

  11. Wonderful! Animals are a lot of work to keep but also tons of fun...plus they are so photogenic.

  12. the critters are cute and enjoyed your post...made me smile :)

  13. How lovely Arija! My daughter also has chooks, ducks and dogs. Your blog is very nice!

  14. Cute - cute - cute - cute -.
    Great shots.

  15. Your farm looks like an exciting place to be.All those cute animals.

  16. Enjoyed visiting with your wonderful animal family. I've lived on farms twice and still treasure all of my animal experiences.

  17. oh! i love your animal pictures! :) Got me smiling looking at them..

  18. My, what a menagerie. I really like the bunnies and ducklings. I played with both as a kid. Lucky grandchildren.
    Hope your computer gets better.

  19. Hi Arija! Happy birthday to your daughter! And bravo to your sister! That's not easy to carry all that weight during such a long flight. She is a very devoted godmother indeed.

  20. Hallo,
    wunderbar diese Welt mit den vielen unterschiedlichen Tieren, ich libe das.
    Aber leider gibt es in unserer Region viele Höfe, die nicht mal mehr ein Huhn oder Kaninchen haben.
    Dir noch eine schöne Adventzeit.
    Grüsse Hartmut

  21. What joy to see the pictures of the animals. So very beautiful and life affirming.

  22. Those are some cute critters. We have some of the same animals here on this property, minus the ducks.

    Happy Holidays.....

  23. What cute little critters!!
    They are all precious .

  24. Thats quite a good collection of animals. I just love having critters around.

  25. Wonderful post of your world,Thanks for sharing and also Thanks for visiting my world & your thought of celebrating the joy together.

  26. I wish I could cuddle them. those bunnies are so cute.

  27. Oh, I love them all!! The bunnies and the dogs especially! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  28. Oh Arija, I could live there.. with those animals..

    as long as it didn't get too hot.. I'm not too good in really hot weather.. I start melting..

  29. Very beautiful dogs. Nice photos. :)))


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