Monday, August 17, 2009

My World ~ 39 Pastorale

Once more my world this week is farm bound. A
hardly day old lamb ear-splittingly bleating for its
mother, not the grazing lady behind it,

gives up and bounds away to look elsewhere. Lambs
are funny creatures who love to play on rocks and
other vantage posts, probably an inbuilt reaction for
spotting danger from the days when sheep had to
survive without human intervention.

It is crutching time and for the uninitiated, that is
the time when it it is imperative to shave their dear
little (or not so little) backsides since the fresh green
grass tends to give the darlings the runs.
Here they are all gathered together in the little holding
paddock between our two houses. Emerging from my
bedchamber, this is what I see and hear in the morning
and bleating throughout a moonlit light.

Mostly we just have a flock of pets left this year
after having to sell the main bulk last summer when
we ran out of water.
The lady below was one of the irresistible lambs of
another season. We have had a succession of black sheep
starting with Eclipse, a Leicester long wool, Inkspot -
how can one sell a spotted lamb, and a few others
whose names escape me.

This year my granddaughter's eye is focused on this
dear little pair of black twins obviously destined for
a long and pampered existence on the farm.

One of our sheep again had triplets, unfortunately
she had moved into the flock before I could capture
the three new-borns with her.

While distracted by sheep and lambs and crutching
to prevent fly-strike as the weather warms, spring
crept almost unnoticed into my garden.

Enjoy your world where ever you are.

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  1. that little lamb is cute! i enjoyed your "farm world" :)

  2. They are cute, I liked the jumping lamb a lot. Must have been fun to watch in real.

  3. Wonderful. We urban dwellers enjoy it when the sheep are used to "mow" the open spaces near our homes. You get to watch whenever you want.

  4. love looking at your part of the world, amazing how we are so near and yet there are differences. No sheep but calves and they ahve almost all been weaned, not so pretty on a dairy farm! Foals due next.
    What sort of camera do you use?

  5. AAAAAAHHHH! These creatures are way too cute! Whose sheep are these? That baby lamb is so adorable, you even captured it while it licked its hind legs!. Okay I am here to visit your daughter through your sidebar.

  6. Oh, to have one's very own sheep!!! How perfectly wonderful. I'm not sure if Edward would fit in well with them though. He would have to be trained!!

  7. The lamb is so cute. Remind me of the nursery ryhme, Mary had a little lamb.

  8. Being a great lover of sheep, I absolutely adored your post. Is there anything cuter than a little lamb?
    Sunny :)

  9. What a treat to be transported into your world. Thanks for visiting mine up on haliburton hill. My border collies would love to have some sheep to herd--but we'll have to make do with agility jumps.

  10. Wonderful lamb stories. Those little black ones were almost too cute. I don´t know how you pamper them but maybe it will be shown here later?

  11. Wow, you're a busy woman Arija. The baby lambs are so cute I'd want to keep them all. What do you do with the wool?
    I'm so glad you're seeing spring, yet it means fall is coming my way. I don't feel ready for that.

  12. Spring already!

    Love the lambs - you've really captured the way they jump!

  13. New life, and new blossom it is Spring!

    The black twin will be nice to follow, MB

  14. Lovely post, Arija. I was visiting friends in Gloucestershire in our spring this year and have witnessed first hand the need for 'crutching'! They have two pet sheep that come running when you call them and wag their tales like dogs!

  15. Beautiful snaps of cute goats. Reminds me of the rhyme "Mary had a little lamb"

  16. I will never use the term 'black sheep' to talk about erring humans, after seeing your pictures. Hope the water situation has improved, and stays that way.

  17. Hello.when I visited Scotland, I saw animals like these...congrats for the photos

  18. I am always richer for having stopped by here. How sweet the little lambs. How many stories and lessons from the sheep!
    Thank you~Arija
    All the best, Maria

  19. Never heard of black sheep, except in human families. The photos are unbelievably adorable - poor little lamb...

  20. Arija: That was a neat tour of your sheep on the farm. Loved the little black pair of lambs.

  21. How is it like living in a farm? Thanks for dropping by my cute little girl entry. I didn't know I should be called "great-aunt" hehehe. Now I know. Thanks =)

  22. It is always a pleasant sight and journey you share with us, Arija.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Be Well, Be Happy :D

  23. Loved the little lamb kicking up his heels! Lovely, lovely area. Love your world!

  24. Lovely post Arija! Sheep were always interesting to my children. I remember when we were on holiday in Wales that we once had a picnic and a very thin sheep came begginn for food. And from that time the children asked; Are we going to that little thin sheep? They were so sad to see her so hungry.

  25. Oh, gosh I keep forgetting that it is spring down under. Baby lambs and spring blossoms. You know you are making me miss spring already and it just ended two months ago here in Virginia!

  26. Simply wonderful! I see what you mean about similar subjects.

  27. Your pastoral world is so beautiful. Great shots!

  28. Such a different world! Does all this with the lambs take place in winter or the summer?

  29. Spring in the country is a delightful place to be (and a great place for photography)!

  30. Little lambs! How sweet! I love the flowering tree at the bottom!

  31. Hello Arija,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I'm excited that I'll be able to see your spring/summer flowers while here in CO, I creep into fall/winter! By the way - twins and triplets run in my family, so I'm partial to animal multiples, too!

  32. My fingers are about to give out but I wanted to comment. The lambs are adorable! I know this is a dumb question - are these the sheep that Kip got to herd?

  33. What an idyllic way to wake up everyday, Arija :)
    And those little wonder your granddaugther is eyeing those black twins, I would probably contemplate pamparing them for life too.


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