Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nature Notes ~ 2 Rain

Please ENLARGE, especially the landscapes to
appreciate the datails.

At last, like manna from heaven, the rains came.
So long awaited by the parched land and us.

Nature instantly reasserted itself with everything
bursting into leaf whether it was the right time to do
so or not. All that had survived the drought was doing
its level best to catch up after that long period of leafless
dormancy in summer, Roses are flowering two months

I found this huge European wasp in the sink on a warm day.
European wasps are a rather nasty import here and have a
way of not just stinging once, but pumping their poison into one
repeatedly. This one was over an inch long.

The sustained rain changed the barren landscape
from this,

into the fields of Elyssium almost over night.

These Pansies having barely survived on sink water, were
af last getting a decent shower to wash off the accumulated
dust and give them a much needed wash through with
sparkling clean water.

Here's hoping for good follow up rains as well.

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  1. Oh how wonderful Arija that you gotten some rain. The flowers are thirsty and will give you pleasure. I pray for more of that essence of life for your dry land.

  2. Exquisite photos. I especially love the drops of water.

  3. How stunning these photos are! And how wonderful to have this longed-for rain.I can almost feel the lovely refreshing showers!

  4. This first water droplet photo is just brilliant, Arija.

  5. Fantastic picture! i really like those closeup pictures of water droplets!

  6. I'm also delighted to hear that you're finally getting some rain and relief! Your photos are beautiful and a wonderful celebration of the change.

  7. Natures beauty - thank you for posting these photos.

  8. Fantastic shots! That wasp does look pretty nasty!

  9. Your raindrop is precious. Wonderful photo.

    How lovely the change has been from the barren land to the greener pastures. Hope it continues as such.

  10. What a difference some rain makes! Stunning photos, Arija!

  11. What an amazing transformation. Dry seasons would be difficult; even when we have droughts in the Southeastern US, most everything stays green.

  12. Beautiful photos. You express so well your joy in the rain. HNN

  13. Lovely journey though your watery and not so watery world...

  14. the raindrop in your first pic looks like a fine cut diamond! hello from Austria! thank you for your info about my plant! have a nice day! kri

  15. so wonderful to see that you got some rain. I felt guilty every time I complained about the wet summer here as I remembered how much you needed rain. Nature has a way of surviving and taking advantage of those precious drops. Wonderful post for Nature Notes.. Thank you Arija..

  16. I can't stand wasps they have such a nasty sting. This was a delightful post (at least the wasp wasn't stinging). So much beauty and great that you are getting rain. I don't know how I missed this when I was here for skywatch. You mentioned missing my flowers but I make it confusing by having two blogs. Happy weekend.

  17. Wow, just wow. These photos are great and I especially love the water droplets.

  18. I'm glad you finally have rain. Lovely shot of your world ia a drop of water clinging to your window :)

  19. Hurray! I am so happy to hear that you have finally got some much needed rain. :)

  20. What a difference rain makes! Thank God for the rains we can't live without.


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