Monday, August 31, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 41 Pildappa Rock, Eyre Peninsula

15km north of Minnipa in the Eyre Peninsula lies
this giant granite turtle.

The countryside is arid with sparse vegetation and
from here it does not look particularly preposessing.

Come a little closer and it has a way of growing on you.
It was not easy to find a spot to get onto the rock itself
without a ladder because of the eroded layer at ground

A you can see, we did manage it and this granite
boulder turnes out to be quite extensive. There are
a number of these outcrops in this otherwise flat plain.
I put this shot in for a measure of scale, the Prof in
the distance is 6'2" tall and that is only a part of the
rock showing.

On the horizon you can see the Gawler Ranges.

Here again the Prof's legs are an indicator for the size
of the moulins some of which still held water from the
rain some days previously.
A large part of the top of the rock was like a pock marked
lunar landscape.

All this is still part of one single rock. Frost has broken
layers off the top which look small at a distance but in
reality are anything but.
There are a number of fingers of rock stretching into
the landscape

and some bright spark has at some time dumped his
garden waste there thinking nothing of it and certainly
not expecting the hardy plants to take root and create
a garden of exotic species here in the wildernes.

It you ENLARGE, you will see the Geraniums.

As always, click and the photos grow by magic.

The Logo will lead to many wonders in this world.

To Klaus and the My World Team my thanks as ever
for continuing this meme.


  1. Thank you for letting me doing the tour, like the callas and if you want now I got name on all the Roses.


  2. That landscape is totally foreign to my eyes Arija but very beautiful. I do like the idea that that garden rubbish has flourished into a little secret garden.

  3. Wonderful what you can see if you look closely. Good lesson here. ;-)

  4. Thanks for the great post. What an interesting place.

    An Arkies Musings

  5. The green moss on the red rock is a beautiful contrast. Looks like there had been recent rain. Some may not care for arid landscapes but I like to see the geology and geography of more arid climes.

  6. Beautiful and fascinating as ever, Arija. I saw the geraniums! And I appreciated the inclusion of the Prof for scale to give us an indication of the enormous scale of these rocks.

  7. What a fabulous place! And your captures are beautiful as always, Arija! I'm fascinated by the size of the rock! What a fun place to visit!

    Have a great week!


  8. What a fascinating place! Those rock formations are amazing.

  9. simply great! greetings from Austria to Australia!

  10. Oh wow, what a fascinating landscape. Have a great week.

  11. Arija, This rock formation is so interesting. It reminds me slightly of the slick rock in Moab, UT. I cannot believe that the "hothouse" type flowers are growing so lushly in that crevasse!

  12. Thanks Arija for these monumental posts. This is awe inspiring for showing us parts of Australia that would make us impossible to see up close and personal. Seems like we don't need to go to Ayers Rock to see that beauty for you have shown us it here, only in the opposite side of that heaven.

    How blessed is this country indeed!

  13. A truly amazing sight.Thanks for sharing this.

  14. That is a gorgeous landscape. Your world grows on me every week.

  15. What an incredible, fascinating place! Enjoyed the detailed comment in your post too!

  16. wow..what an amazing rock...thanks for showing us Arija...and thanks for your visit to my flowers this week...

  17. The landscape is amazing. The first picture really looks like a turtle. Geraniums!!! Who would have thought?!!

  18. Fascinating place! Have the prof in the various photos really gave one a sense of the enormity of the rock.

  19. What a very cool turtle rock formation. Love the pock marked surface to catch water. Glad a little rain fell. Too bad about the unatural plantings.

  20. Great shots of this beautiful place!
    Interesting rock formations.

  21. Interesting rock formations! I wonder if the "turtles" were formed by volcanic action or erosion?

  22. What a wonderful tour you took us on, thanks for sharing it as i would never have been able to see this

  23. Arija! What an enormous rock! I am sure that Aborigines will call it a sacred place or have a story about the giant turtle. Anyway it's fabulous!
    Thanks for the visit to my Gnomes.

  24. You do live in a world of wonders, Arija.
    Your beautiful photos and delightful story took me on a wonderful journey, thanks...

    Be well, be happy :D

  25. Arija: What a wonderful place with all the natural rock formation. That is a wonderful look at creation in its finest.

  26. Nature is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing wonderful photos of your world!

  27. Thanks for providing this virtual tour of this amazing part of your world. It's probably the only way I'll ever get to see these fascinating sites.
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. How beautiful and how amazing! It is certainly a massive piece of rock. How funny are those plants! It was good to see the prof and get an idea of the scale of the rock. Super.

  29. That is such interesting photography - what an amazing part of the world!

  30. Starkly beautiful - I particularly like the third photo.

  31. Love the granite turtle! What interesting rock formations. Stunning area.

  32. What a wonderful spot and the scrabble to the top is certainly worth it for those great long distance views, breathtaking.


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