Saturday, August 22, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 28 From our Neighbour's Garden

Please ENLARGE for best effect.

This is only a part of the lovely bouquet our neighbour
of 38 years of adventures on the ridge of Mt.Lofty in
South Australia, gave me as we left after a short visit. In
1983 we both lost our houses and gardens in one of our most
devastating bushfires. In the early 1970's this was an isolated
bush area with a dozen or so historical houses and a few
modern ones. Now there is a freeway nearby and people lock
their doors and cars and this, the then pristine water
catchment in the highest rainfall area in the sate, is covered
by houses and roads. In the driest State in the driest Continent
it just highlights the idiocy of our State planners.

Our dear neighbour grows superb Camellias and this
bloom is almost 4"across. As it opened, this glorious red
bloom turned out to be Siamese twins with two centres!

Camellias need to be picked in bud to keep well in a vase
but these marvels have now lasted for three days in a heated
room and were fully open when I received them.

Photographed at arms length in the car on the way back to the farm.

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Thank you Luiz Santilli Jr. and flower power Team for keeping this
wonderful meme going.


  1. Neighbours - what would we do without them Arija - friends and neighbours are so important. Sad that you share the awfulness of losing everything to a bush fire. We cannot contemplate what it must be like, living over here where such things never happen. Loved the camellias and also loved your spirit which shines through the words.

  2. My neighbour's camelia bush grows over the fence to my side. My husband thought they were roses. LOL

    Long long ago, my landlord when he came to collect rent used to bring me a camelia bud. he is long dead, but it is good memories. Early this month, his grand son died in a skiing accident. I remeber his cameliamelia buds.

  3. The bright pinks just cheer me up today! And boy, do I need that... thank you.


  4. They are beautiful. How nice to have these glorious bursts of color around. Nice captures, as always Arija.

  5. very nice shot, dear
    Today I show flowers at wedding´s decoration
    nice sunday

  6. Camelias are lovely! I got a small plant from one of my students more than 12 years ago and it has grown into a high bush now. Thanks for your visit to my begonias. My quote was not very suitable for begonias, but I couldn't find a better one .

  7. Lovely flowers! Nothing more important than sharing with good neighbors.I am sad to hear about the bush fires!
    RYC: I used to be able to read without glasses, but we have been using fine prints on our reports to fit 81/2 x 11 paper, I am loosing my reading vision. June of last year I develop arthritis on my right hand, so we are almost in the same boat. Hehehehe! But I still blog, it is so addicting!

  8. To live through loosing a home to a wildfire must be a huge experience. Your friends flowers are so lovely!

  9. Just nice all your photos, Arija!

    Good week, dear!

  10. Beautiful photos of your neighbours Camelia! I always think about Greta Garbo when I see that flower.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog while I was away Arija. I remember well when you wrote about your brother, and it touched me.
    And now I see we one more common experience. I also lost my house in a big fire, 15 years ago. Life works in mysterious ways.

  11. Lovely series of clor for today's entry!Love the chirping birds in above images!
    I'm doing fine..resting as you suggested!! :)

  12. Beautiful flowers you have got at your neighbours garden

    Gunilla in Sweden

  13. Beautiful flowers and report. Congratulations.

  14. Oh, Arija. State planners are idiots everywhere, I'm convinced. The purest water on the planet is said to be underground a site near Orillia, Ontario, and would you believe a landfill site is about to be built over it? Environmentalists are fighting it but will likely lose the battle.

    Beautiful bouquet of flowers from friends you've known for a long, long time!

  15. A sad story indeed..
    Loosing your house in a fire!!
    LG, Gisela
    Life is like a camelia. . .
    More exquisite and precious,
    When shared with others.

  16. Beautiful camelias! I love the Siamese Twins one. What a nice neighbor you have. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  17. Your neighbors camelias are so beautiful. Great shots!

  18. Camelias are great. It makes me remember Swedish actress Greta Gardo. She made wonderful movies.

  19. They are so lovely. We can only grow them indoors at Northeast of America. Although, it grows much better in the hot weather in Taiwan, but we have not seen many of them. Thanks for sharing.

  20. That double-centred camellia is beautiful - and so are all your other blooms.
    Very sad that you and your neighbour lost your homes but how wonderful that you are still friends.You do have to wonder how some people get their town and country planning jobs don't you?

  21. lovely photos. your neighbors must be delighted to see your photos


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