Monday, October 24, 2011

OUR WORLD - Somewhere along the way . . .

Murray Bridge station, as the name suggests, on the banks of
the 'Mighty Murray'. My suitcase waits patiently for the Overland
to Melbourne, connecting Adelaide, the capital of South Australia
with Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, one of our neighbouring
states 8 1/2 hrs away.

It was still a fair wait after a couple of goods trains had passed
and the weather moved in and favoured everyone with a drenching
since the station and all facilities were closed.

It is a long time since there was a manned railway station here
as can be seen by the unfortunate state of the station master's
house on the other side of the tracks.

I had things other than photography on my mind as we pootled
along at the sedate pace of 80km. My thoughts as grey as the
landscap, I would have much preferred to be clambering amongst
the rocks of that shadow clad outcrop.

A break in the clouds lit up an occasional spot of gold

that had not yet gone to seed.

A country road taking someone home to the farm sheltered
amongst the pines

and with these peaceful sheep on a paddock in the vicinity of
Ararat, nearer my destination. Only an hour and a half to go . .

I hope you will forgive me if I cannot visit you all this week,
life has a way of intruding on the fun of blogland.

Do show us what is making your particular corner of OUR WORLD tick.


  1. Your photos are superb as always, Arija, but I sense things in your world are most definitely not the best just now. Sending you lots of love and good thoughts.


  2. I pray that you will have the strength to deal with whatever lies before you.Rest in God,my friend.

  3. dear arija, i so wish your heart could be lifted. i hope soon the clouds will clear and you can see sunshine again and have peace and beauty abound in your life.

  4. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Wonderful shots of the landscape - it's very pretty indeed.

  5. Time moves slowly (and trains) when your mind wants to be at the destination. But this is some beautiful country along your path. I hope all is well at journey's end.

  6. Hi there - what great pictures. Even on difficult journeys you can still find beauty.

    Hope things progress well.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Your suitcase looks so forlorn waiting at the station all alone - thankfully you had your camera to brighten up the trip!

  8. Have you watched Amazing Race, Oz? Tonight is our final night, and I just have to watch it.

    You suit case makes me think, in many countries, you won't put your suit case like this!

  9. Looked like a nice town. Love the photo with the lone suitcase.

  10. Lovely views in your world that somehow you seem to see with eyes really watching elsewhere!

  11. Amused at that lonesome suitcase waiting its owner to pick him up. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. Take care.

  12. Thank you for sharing your pretty landscapes.

  13. Afija.
    You have the great eye as a photographer.
    I especially love the first photo. It seems as if the bag itself had personality!! How beautifully the sun ray changed the spot and gave shine to it!! All photos are so stunning.
    I hope everything is all right now.
    Best wishes,

  14. very beautiful a series. very picturesque!

    My Third Eye

  15. Arija -- our thoughts are with you. That lonely suitcase is a good metaphor for how you must have felt on that long journey, but please know that you're not alone. It is so hard to travel when it is for such a reason. I hope joy will return to your travels and your life soon.

  16. Your pictures are beautiful...I love the green hillsides and the wild yellow flowers and the way the sky looks and how the sun is peeking in on the ground...letting us know that no matter how cloudy it may be at the moment, the sunshine is still will ultimately shine brightly once again :)
    I think it would be so relaxing to take a train ride and just soak in the scenery along the way...I don't think there's any trains nearby to where we live...maybe I'll just have to check around on how close a scenic train ride is to us. Thank you for sharing your world and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  17. such peaceful images..
    good to know there is always peace somewhere

  18. Lovely tour--thanks for letting us tag along. Prayers for you.

  19. You have a heaviness in your heart, I pray everything turns out well for you and your sister.

    Lovely shots of your train journey.

  20. You, my sweet, are the occasional spot of gold. Love and hugs to you, always.

  21. Good to hear from you Arija. Such a pretty journey, and too bad it was so stressful. You have a very interesting country. I'll be writing very soon my dear friend.

  22. Thank you for the comment in my post, i was able to see yours. Australia is the first foreign country I visited, but i haven't been there again. I surely miss it. How i wish i will still be able to see many parts of that continent! I love your photos and will surely be coming here again and again, i just followed the blog.

  23. How vast Australia is! And, beautiful, too. I like the yellow flowering meadow, the road leading to the green hillside, the pastoral landscape, and especially the first one which looks like a scene from a film. Hope the burden on your mind will be taken away and you can feel at ease soon, Arija.

  24. Wonderful landscapes, Aria. Your photos are absolutely fantastic!


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