Sunday, October 2, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - A few flowers from winter past

Living in a temperate zone, our winters may have some nasty
frosts and every 20 years a snowfall that lays for a while, not
necessarily more than a day but our flowers still give us pleasure

Some begonias in my border . . .

Early Cheer jonquills that can be relied upon to flower in mid-winter,

and a rose in my bathroom, that refused to stop flowering all
winter long.

All photos enlarge with a click.

Today's Flowers is a great Sunday meme where you can feature
the flowers that brighten your life, do show us what you enjoy.


  1. Hi Arija, how lucky you are to have flowers even in winter! Have a nice weekend! Best regards, Maria.

  2. Hi Arija, where you live in Oz, has similar weather to where we live in South Africa. Such pretty jonquils. I've tried to grow them from bulb, not succeeded. Blessings Jo

  3. I'm not familiar with the jonquils but I must say they are very pretty!! I trust your week went well. I was thinking about one of your posts about your sister. Hope she is on the way to recovery...

  4. so pretty! i love the jonquils. :)

  5. THanks for this bouquet of lovely flowers. They brightened my morning.

  6. Always love your beautiful flowers, Arija and even more on a gray day like today! Hope you have a great week with lots of sun and flowers and beauty!


  7. You have so many beautiful flowers.

  8. Beautiful flowers.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers

  10. Thank you for the kind words Arija..I am down another pant size. Maybe it will become easier to walk again... I will have to enjoy flowers from your part of the world for a while now...hugs...Michelle

  11. Gorgeous blooms and beautifully captured too!

    Hosta post, have a nice week ahead!

  12. All are lovely and that rose that just keeps on giving, what a beauty!

  13. Hello my friend, such a lovely trio of photographs and I love your header too. Thanks for always sharing with us and I hope your week ahead is a great one.

  14. Flowers in your bathroom. How wonderful! I'm envious!
    I'm already wishing for Spring!

  15. It's autumn here, and my flowers is slowly dying. Yours flowers is so beautiful.


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