Thursday, October 27, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Weather coming in . . .

When I see promising clouds like this, I rejoice. There is
nothing like a a good drenching for garden and paddocks alike
and some healthy run-off into our storage tanks.

When no-one provides reticulated water for you, you have to
conserve and manage what the heavens send you.

With a hot, dry summer coming up, every drop that comes
our way is precious, so thank you, you beautiful cloudy skies.

Watch the skies for the wonders they bring, then share them on SkyWatch Friday!


  1. These clouds do hold promise. I sure hope you got a good rain from them . Blessings to you.

  2. These clouds do hold promise. I sure hope you got a good rain from them . Blessings to you.

  3. It must be interesting to live where it is important to store your own water Arija. Did it rain?

  4. Wonderful skies and clouds that do indeed hold promise! Lovely captures as always, Arija! Hope things are going okay, know it is a difficult time and my thoughts are with you!


  5. Hi Arija...I do hope for your sake with your summer coming on they contain rain....for us here in Maine at this point in the Autumn season it could mean snow brrrrr!!
    Your clouds are lovely though...full of promise!!

    ♥ Grace

  6. Rejoice in the gift of life. Looks promising.

  7. you will like the rain clouds in Australia. Hopefully no bush fires this summer.

  8. Hopefully those clouds did what you hoped!
    Regards Leena

  9. Rain in the past years have been unpredictable and "not as it used to be".
    Here in Oslo, Norway we have had the most rainy summer since 1900, when they started measuring rainfalls, while other places around our small planet have had drought.

    After all, we need rain to survive.

  10. Hi there - if your rainfall has been anything like ours, you may not have needed to look at the sky and hope for rain as much as in the last few years!

    Melbourne Cup weekend approaches and the forecast is for rain, followed by rain, with more than a chance of rain to follow!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  11. Those balls of fluff in the sky are, indeed, precious, Arija. The brooding clouds in your photos look as if they about to burst and quench the thirst of all life below. Life like the weather fluctuates and I am wishing you and yours the very best during the current challenging times.

  12. I hope you get LOTS of rain in the next few weeks! :))

  13. Cotton candy clouds!! Good shots. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. So true, so true, how precious are the rains! When we have long dry spells, we truly learn to appreciate them even more. I feel for those whom cannot have a good down pour often. Life giving rain, life giving water, so grand a gift.
    Your clouds are lovely dear Arija~

  15. Hi Arija!
    I was just talking about Australia this week with my new 5th graders. Our stories are set in Australia and they are fascinated!
    What beautiful clouds bringing the gift of water!
    Have a happy weekend,

  16. I hope those clouds brought you some rain. Gee, we are having more rain here now. I wouldn't mind a dry winter. Great photos, happy skywatching!

  17. I hope you got some much needed rain Arija. Beautiful clouds!

  18. Look up, and you'll see the weather change, that's for sure!


    In the sky the stars shine bright
    Not by day, but through the night.
    Should the stars begin to fall,
    There would be no sky at all!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    California Sky

  19. Hope those lovely clouds brought plenty of rain with them. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  20. What gorgeous rain clouds!

  21. Perfectly soft cumulus clouds - scudding low over the horizon - we had steady rain here today - hopefully you had the same Arija.
    Enjoy your weekend. xx

  22. Hejsa.
    Flot billede du har sat i "SkyWatch".
    Ønsker dig en god week-end.
    /Hanne Bente

  23. We had our first frost! And this is it autumn is here and soon will be winter. Happy Friday!

    Bridge and Sky

  24. now I'm feeling a little guilty because I am so glad to be leaving Oregon before the rainy season sets in. Sometimes the distribution of wet stuff is a little lopsided!

  25. Fingers crossed you get the weather you want... beautiful images Arija..

  26. If you're praying for rain it looks as though your prayers are about to be answered. Your blog is excellent, good to read and great photos.

  27. Hope your garden got a good drenching! Your photos are beautiful...and so are your thoughts.


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