Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Windows and Water

These are from our trip last autumn. People and sails from
the out-door restaurant brought inside the empty indoor space
by the obliging window in between

and peaceful reflections in a placid river . . .

Both enlarge with a click.

Hope all your weekends are going well . . .


  1. The first reflection is rather confusing and the second very soothing. Hope you are well.

  2. Both photos are beautiful. Hope your weekend is good too!

  3. Thank you - same to you, Arija!
    Beautiful,gentle images.
    Regards Leena

  4. Beautiful!!

    You may enjoy yesterday's post, a few reflections there as well. Take care lovely one, have a beautiful weekend~

  5. very nice. i like your description of 'being brought inside'. :)

  6. I love your reflections, Arija, as always! Sorry to be so late, been a little busy around here! I do hope your weekend is going well! Take some time to do something just for you!!


  7. Hello Arija, I stopped in from Elaine's Artic View blog which I follow, after reading that your daughter lives in New Hampshire which is where we our spending our fall road trip, currently in the Nashua area and later other parts of the state. There is not much color here yet, perhaps in the more northern parts of the state or mountains. We are posting regularly on our blog, please feel free to drop in for a visit anytime.

  8. Beautiful pictures as ever Arija.

  9. My weekend went so fast. Saturday was a working day for me; only Sunday was a day off that also passed so quickly.


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