Monday, October 28, 2013

OUR WORLD - Torn Between Two Gardens

A glimpse into the front yard and eastern side of my Mt.Lofy 
garden. At an elevation of 700m, it has a totally different
micro-climate to my farm garden at 122m and although both 
have acid soil, plants that struggle in one will thrive in the other.

Bluebells colonise and carpet grassy areas

camellias grow into trees and crabapples flourish 
apples grow well in both places

looking back at the house from one of the water tanks
the white tree is Amelanchier canadensis, of which there are
a number around the house

from the same spot, the view to the eastern garden sloping
down the mountainside, is obscured by one of the oaks 
bursting into leaf

all is pink near the front door tucked between two weeping pink 
cherry trees at right and crabapple at left

half way dow the eastern garden, the red crabapple shows
to advantage against the fresh green of maples

my white flowering cherry that always blooms for my birthday

and, to finish but by no means to show you all 3 acres,
one of the many rhododendrons. This one is President Roosevelt.

I no longer have the strength or stamina to keep up one garden
let alone two but how can I close between the wealth of roses 
on the farm and rhododendrons, azaleas, lilacs in profusion and
all those lovely trees?

What do I do? I feel so Aboriginal about land, one does not own it
but is just a keeper for such a little while . . .

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  1. Your gardens are both beautiful. And I would be equally torn. And yes, I hear you about the inability to maintain one... But keep trying as you do, because the rewards are huge.

  2. It's wonderful to see Spring in your garden Arija while the wind blows the last of the leaves from my Autumn trees... and yes my garden was very quiet while the Sparrowhawk visited.

    Take care Drew xx

  3. Oh my goodness! How could you not feel blessed surrounded by such beauty. The only thing better is sharing it with people you love.

  4. i just love the blossoming trees! truly beautiful. i can understand feeling you cannot keep up with it all.

  5. Wow, your garden is beautiful. I can not imagine giving it up! Lovely images, Arija! Have a happy week!

  6. Very nice photo's....i like them

    Greetings, Joop

  7. Lovely Spring photos especially that rhodedendron. As we enterAutumn here, it is good to see the opposite season on the other side of the globe.

  8. such an absolutely stunning environment. it must be difficult to leave it and go in the house. So beautiful!!!

  9. Oh, what beautiful gardens you have!!! It would indeed be very difficult to choose between them.

  10. Oh wow! The abundance of flowers is breathtaking. I love seeing all this.

  11. Beautiful garden with such lovely flowers.

  12. Looks to me like your caretaking has paid off as the land gives back all these delightful blooms. That's a big change in elevation.

  13. Wow -- your gardens are fabulous! Perhaps you could find someone to look after one of the gardens for you?

  14. HI Arija You have 2 beautiful gardens. The blossoms are magnificent. I am sorry you are unable to care for both gardens. It is a problem for all of us as we all get older or have health issues and so maintaining gardens problems not easily solvedl

  15. Your garden is a delight Arija ... I love that pretty crab-apple tree.

  16. Beautiful flowers! love the garden..

  17. Your little world is exploding with such beauty and it is almost like a story book garden. I can imagine that those lovely blossoms give off a wonderful fragrance mingled together~ Hugs!

  18. It is an absolutely beautiful and magical place. Is that white cherry blooming now? If so Happy BD! I was never such a talented gardener (in my one suburban yard), so giving it up was not a hard thing. It is different for someone like you who has obviously put your heart and soul into your gardens... and they show it. I think you have time to come to a decision though -- this spring garden will go on for some while by itself.

  19. Your garden is beautiful. I have a friend who lives in Summertown and her rhododendrons grow beautifully there, as do many varieties of camellias. I am tentatively trying some camellias here - so far so good - I was surprised to hear in your recent comment that gardenias don't grow well where you are. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures here - it truly is a bountiful garden full of treasures and fragrances. I hope you are keeping well.

  20. Arija, I hope you can keep both - the flowers and trees must give you such pleasure. I am enjoying your blooms as snow falls here in Breckenridge.

  21. Such gorgeous spring flowers! Both of your gardens are so beautiful it would be very difficult to choose between them. Fortunately some will grow happily on their own without being babied.

    I appreciate your suggestion on overwintering roses. The only ones that are reliable here are the Rugosa varieties, and while those are quite nice, I really like the more tender varieties. If the winter conditions were just right one might survive for a while, but the six months of cold really seeps down into the soil. So many plants can't deal with the -40 or -50F, and so many perennials have to be treated as annuals. And like you I am looking at the difficulty of maintaining a garden with declining capabilities. Getting old is not for wimps, is it?

  22. Just wonderful! So many beautiful blooms. One can tell it's spring out threre.

  23. what a gorgeous garden you have. Such beautiful blooms.
    We went up Mt Lofty on our recent trip to South Australia. The view was fogged out!
    Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  24. You have a beautiful garden Arija, so much pleasure to take in. Thanks for sharing with Today's Flowers. I am a little slow catching up but I do want to let you know how much I appreciate your support.

  25. Oh, beauty! these are lovely scenes.
    It must smell wonderful, too.
    Happy spring, Arija!

  26. Such a beautiful time of the year! Love your images.

  27. What gorgeous gardens! They remind me of my parents garden. I would find it difficult to choose too!


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