Monday, December 9, 2013

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A pea soup kind of summer morning

with sheep sheepishly wandering back and forth
in the holding paddock between the houses,
after having fly-strike attended to.
We have been beset with a new kind of maggot that is hairy 
and breeds both in wet wool as well as under the skin.

Very nasty!

Meanwhile, the goose who sat on her infertile eggs and 
had a couple of blue bantam eggs added to the mix, has 
brought forth two dear little chicks.

Unfortunately, a goose being a goose, gave them their first 
swimming lesson in the lily pond, from which two wet
and distressed shipwrecked chicks on a rock were rescued
by passing younger granddaughter.

Guess who looks after them now? Yup, they share by bed with 
the electric blanket on 1 on their side, snug and warm in their 
ice-cream container, tucked up in their fluffy blanked I hastily
knitted for them last night.

They feasted on boiled egg

and promptly went to sleep.

I do hope they are a pigeon pair so I get a rooster for my 
three hens and a chicken that lays blue eggs.

Isn't it lovely to be forever living in hope?

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  1. oh, poor little rescued chicks (and poor you). :) good luck with the sheep!

  2. Oh, I love them!! I'm so glad they have you!! Such a delightful post for the day, Arija!! Thanks for the smiles!!

  3. I just love the shot of the sheep in the fog. Here's hope your maggot problem is solved really quick. Oh those little chicks are just adorable. A friend of mine borrowed my Banty pair to set on some ornamental pheasants eggs this coming Spring. Should be interesting. My chickens are doing well, except for some molting. All others doing fine!

  4. As someone else who lives in hope, it beats the alternative hands down.
    Love the chicks and hope the maggots are controlled quickly. Nasty is an understatement.

  5. Ah! that's so cute Arija ... snuggled up on an electric blanket ... their own little slice of heaven.

  6. Poor sheepies and chickies. Bless your loving heart.

  7. Living in hope and in love and caring! Oh...trying not to use the word 'hope' again, but praying for the maggot problem to gotten rid of quick....and for the chicks to grow up exactly as you wish them to.

  8. They are very cute chicks and you sound like a kind and resourceful foster-mum!!

  9. What an interesting life you lead, Arija. Those goslings are too sweet for words. I'm glad your granddaughter managed to rescue them in time and of course, that you now care for them. I'm sorry about the fly problem with your sheep. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Jo

  10. It is so loving of your family to the pets, i smiled for the lovely episode here. I remember my mother a few years ago saved a goat kid because it was totally wet from the rain and looked already dead. Mother goat cannot do anything but meeeeh-meeeh! My mother brought it home, put warm water in two bottles, put at the sides, thick blankets, and then she slept with the kid (goat) embracing it for more warmth.

    She also gave milk in a bottle or rice alm. Few weeks later it is already a strong running kid, and when bigger it always enter the kitchen whenever it is hungry, cling on mother's skirt and cry for food. Isnt' it adorable! It became like a cat or a dog in the house, it was the first goat that thinks our home is his too!

  11. Hi. Arija. It it as well your grand daughter was able to rescue the chicks and now they looks great and warmin your bed

  12. The title of your entire blog is so fitting!!! "Garden Delights"....and your post of the chicks and the sheep is truly delightful!!!

  13. Oh that must have been a terrible experience for the poor chicks to have been given a swimming lesson. Glad your granddaughter saved them!

  14. Beautiful sheep with their glowing eyes...hope the maggots will be gone soon...

  15. What sweet photos of the chicks. Hope they continue to do well!

  16. I'm sorry for the little wet chicks, but I laughed about Mother Goose ... what a great story. And I have to be curious about feeding them boiled eggs ... would never have thought of it. I do hope you will be posting about them as they grow so we can see if, in fact, you do get a rooster and a blue egg laying hen :) Loved this ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. The sheep pics are lovely and those sweet little chicks and their rescue melt the heart. Hope the problems with the maggots go away.

  18. Wonderful rural shots and I love seeing the chicks.

  19. SO lovely to live in hope. What lucky little chicks to be taken under your wing!

  20. glad the little darlings were saved.. you're their new mama.

    Hope the little sheep don't suffer from those nasty bugs and their offspring.

  21. Oh my how precious and yes..that was the thing a goose would do. So lucky they are safe and sound. I know my sister had a terrible time with flies this summer with her horses and donkey..They had to wear these fly hoods on their heads..they didn't like it...Michelle

  22. It IS wonderful to be living in hope! Those little chicks are too darling!


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