Saturday, January 25, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Friends and Flowers

Yesterday, Saturday here, was a lovely day. 
A light breeze and perfect temps, a trip to the farmers' market
early in the morning, home around noon, whip up a 
flummery and pop it into the fridge to set, a brief sleep to banish 
the fatigue of driving, a quick tidy up and an even quicker prep 
of a leek and potato bake and my dear friends John and Bev
were welcomed by my dog while I washed my hands.

John and Bev are orchid growers extraordinaire. All the 
beauties in this post as well as previous ones are happy 
residents of their shade houses.

We had a lovely afternoon sitting like children on my garden 
swing in the shade with our coffees and enjoying the balmy
The dog lay in the shade under the swinging seat and 
the chickens scratched around beyond the desolate rose garden
in the deep shade of my lovely oak.

Peace interspersed with gentle talk of rural matters and horticulture
and dinner that was preparing itself to follow.

A perfect day . . .

Last time I showed you a purple and white collection,

this time the accent is on yellow and orange to brighten the 
day of those caught in the polar vortex.

A charming, bubbly, carnivorous plant.
All those dark spots are tiny insect that I certainly could not see 
even with my glasses on.

Does it live on instance, does it think? Does it gloat over it's prey?
Surely a link between plants and animals.

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  1. It sounds and looks like a wonderful day indeed, Arija! It is so great to read your posts and realize how you are beginning to sound like the Arija I got to know years ago! I'm so happy for you!! Make the most of every moment and ENJOY!! Starting with today!!!

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to be sitting in your garden right now!

  3. Cone on over, you're welcome but I warn you, it is somewhat warmer today and I have fled indoors.

  4. These are stunning! I love orange, it's my favorite colour.

  5. Wunderbare Aufnahmen dieser farbenfrohen Blumen, eine Augenweide!

  6. They sound wonderful friends with very green thumbs.
    Happy Australia Day Arija -glad it was not overwhelmingly hot today.

  7. sounds like a wonderful day spent outdoors and with friends!

  8. Great captures!

    Hope you had a good Australia Day!

  9. Beautiful macro shots ~ love the rich colors ~

    carol, xxx

  10. Oh, what beautiful orchids! Your friend are indeed extraordinary gardeners. And pretty good friends, too, I'd have to say. Glad you had a happy day.

  11. Stunning blooms!

  12. A lovely day Arija and those colors are fantastic, especially with their vibrant background of green leaves. Gorgeous photos and thanks so much for sharing again with Today's Flowers.

  13. Beautiful flowers. I love those bright cheerful colors. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

  14. I am so delighted to read about your lovely day -- perfect weather (about time), good friends, good food. wonderful. And the orchids are stunning. I love those colors.

  15. This is my first visit at jour blog, and it will not be the last! Do you know that orange is the colour of delight and "pleasure in life"? That`s what the colour psycology says. And I am teaching in this field, and have written a book "Fargene forteller" in Norwegian (The colours can tel" or something like that.) I love this colour. And in cold an dark areas in Scandinavia, we need this colour!
    If you visit my blog, I will show you some flowers from Tenerife soon.
    Greetings from Tove Steinbo (Norway)

  16. Sounds like a lovely afternoon with friends and I love the sound of a leek and potato bake - how would I make that

  17. love your flowers. Both kinds of them. Thanks for sharing.

  18. What perfect flowers!

  19. I am off this morning to buy a bouquet of flowers, and I just might looks for yellow and orange. These are glorious in colours! We are in a bitter, dangerous COLD here, very little going out. Trying very hard to keep my toes warm. I have the Winter blahs coming in and we still have weeks to go. Hugs my friend!

  20. Gorgeous shades of orange and what a fantastic plant below!

  21. Glad you enjoyed your day. Good luck to you.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  22. A perfect day indeed Arija ... and all the better with the company of good friends.

  23. Beautiful flowers and a perfect day with friends indeed!

  24. Hi! You would enjoy peaceful day. It'Sperfect. I like your carnivorous plant photos. There are similar plants in our country too. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Thank you for sharing your lovely day and the flowers; i'm happy you stopped over at my blog

    much love...

  26. Certainly a ray of sunshine looking at these orchids.
    The orchid fascinates delicate but the flower last forever it seems in the right conditions!
    I love pure white ones.
    Tis nice to have friends pop over to share your delights with!
    No I am not going south as one of my felines is in a state of to shelter her from the stress of a 5 day road trip to get to Arizona.

  27. Liebe Arija,
    das klingt nach einem sehr, sehr schönen Tag! Deine orangeroten Bilder von den wunderschönen Orchideen wärmen mich und lassen mich vom Sommer träumen, obwohl ich den Winter gerade sehr genieße!
    Hab einen ganz wunderschönen Tag,
    Alles Liebe,

  28. So beautiful dear Arija… sending you cool thoughts.

  29. Beautiful flowers and photography! I love lilies!


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