Saturday, January 18, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Wonders of the Orient

A wealth of Oriental lilies 
gracing my kitchen divider
saved from the 42+C/109F
temps outside that turned the garden
into a dried flower arrangement.

Charming with their mysterious shadows

or opening their gentle hearts to 
spread their perfume

laying bare the depth of their wonder

I am slowly recovering from the effects of a week 
of over 40C temps and the exertion of packing up
documents and precious items to flee the advancing 
fire front of a close by, wildly spreading fire that 
demolished three houses in our neighbouring 
settlement, burned cattle and sheep, destroyed 
fences, sheds and a year's supply of feed.

We had 9 mm of rain over night that helped the 
fire fighters but also increased the number of fires
through lightning strikes.
12 of the fires were lit by arsonists.

One of the fires is still a threat to us as it is very large
and uncontrolled but for today, if the wind does 
not suddenly change, we are safe.

Thank you all for your concern.

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  1. Wunderschöne Blumen und Aufnahmen, Arija !
    Wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

  2. Arija, Sending prayers that you and your place is safe from the fires. That sounds really scary.. I hope all is well.
    Take care and stay safe!

  3. Praying, praying for you Arija and I feel so very bad for those whom have already lost so much with the fires. I am deep into Winter blahs and so the flowers gave me my first morning lift. Please take care! Hugs

  4. What makes people into arsonists Arija, threating the lives of people as well as animals and possessions?
    Your lillies are beautiful. We buy them here because of their scent - but it is wise to keep away from their stamens which stain terribly.
    Keep safe. I am thinking of you.

  5. Oh, Arija, I can't even begin to imagine such a horror. My prayers are with you and with hope that there'll be rain soon.

  6. oh, arija, i am so very sorry! i hope you and yours will be safe! dreadful!

  7. I hope, all is ok there! Your lilies are beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay safe!!

  9. Have been watching closely from over here, Arija. Amazing how the meaning of a country's happenings can deepen & shift when you know a folk or two who live there ...

    Is there anything finer than exquisite petals like these to keep us believing in life?! All my best, to all of you.

  10. Oh NO, Arija! I do hope your home is saved! I am so sad to learn of the devastation that is happening to others around you! Usually we hear of this type of thing here int he U.S., but I have not seen any reports of the fires in Australia recently! We have our own raging wildfire happening in California right now due to extreme drought there. They have only had 1" of rain in the past 6 months and no snow cover this winter so far!

  11. Wunderschöne Blüten! Das Rosa der 2. von unten ist großartig! Tolle Fotos!
    LG Mary

  12. Glad to hear you are ok, I was worried about you I have been on fire watch here, but we were lucky this time.

  13. gorgeous photos of the lilies!
    Hope you'll stay safe and the situation will get better soon.

  14. May you be kept from harm.The flowers are gorgeous.

  15. I am glad that some at least of the fires in your area are contained. My heart hurts for those affected (particularly the animals) and I will continue to send cool, damp cyber wishes your way.
    Love the orientals - perfumed delight.

  16. Glad your property was not affected, and also so sad for those who are experiencing big losses. What a relief that the NSW firefighters have arrived to help and relieve the exhaustion of the S.A crews.
    I continue to think of you Arija and hope this ends soon.
    The flowers are beautiful - I have lost so many in the heat, mainly fuschias.

  17. Arija, stay safe my friend. I've been thinking of you and all our Australian friends who are having to deal with these terrible fires. Praying for that rain you so badly need out there. Thank you for sharing your flowers at this time.

  18. Glad to hear you're safe, Arija. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss & damage to neighboring homes, livestock & property. Fires are horrendous.
    Also sorry to here of your garden. I'd wilt, too, in those temps. Glad you saved these beauties.
    Best thoughts with you & yours.

  19. Gorgeous lilies! I hope you stay safe.

  20. Sorry to hear about all the terrible happening. Hope you and your dearest stay safe. Your Lilies are beautiful.

  21. Liebe Arija,
    auch meine Gedanken und Gebete sind bei Euch.
    Es ist so unbegreiflich, dass es Menschen gibt, die diese Feuer legen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass sich die Lage bald beruhigt!!!
    Deine Fotos von den Lilien und von Deinen Orchideen vom vorletzten Post sind so wunderschön...

    Habt eine gute Woche, mit hoffentlich ganz viel Regen!!!
    Alles Liebe,

  22. Gorgeous macro-shots!

    I've been following the fires on the news and the images are truly scary! So sorry. Hope temperatures will drop real soon.

  23. While I have been late in reading blogs, Arija, I was happy to read this one after reading an older post. Sorry to hear about the fire claiming nearby homes and hope that you and yours home will be safe. Thankfully the rain should help so many.

  24. My thoughts are with you -- sending good thoughts for rain with no lightening and cooler temperatures. Frightening. Be safe.

  25. Hopefully you'll get more rain soon to knock the fires down. Living in an area where we get lots of summer wildfires I know how frightening they can be. Your lilies are beautiful. At least you got to enjoy their beauty by bringing them inside.

  26. Wonderful Lilies and beautiful, heart warming words. Here too it is dry , but not as bad as in your area. Hope you are well. Best wishes T.

  27. Gorgeous lilies thankful you are safe

  28. Although I've been slow to make the rounds visiting friends participating in I Heart Macro, I have been thinking of you all week and hope and pray you remain safe and that the fires will be controlled, that the terrible scorching heat will end and relief will ensue. Your flowers are beautiful so delicate.


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