Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Nest is Empty

The nest is empty now

the birds are flown

the joy of flight

their wings uplifting

life's unending journey

spurs them on to shoals

and dangers, happiness

and fears, through stormy seas

to light so blinding

that the senses swoon

What path awaits
in untried tumbling flight
where will their hearts
find haven after toil
we can but wish them well
The nest is empty now
while silence deafening
booming our senses stuns
the home is silent now
small chirping children's voices missing . . .


  1. I can certainly relate to this poem right now, Arija!

  2. Mick,
    thanks for the visit. Glad you lided it.

    Willow dearedst,
    small wonder, it was inspired by you.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the birthday wishes today! Beautiful blog you have here!

  4. Sigh..I love watching all the birds fledge and go on their my daughter when she went off to graduate school...Seems that is our job as parents. Love this Arija!!

  5. A beautiful post. I liked all of it. And thanks for visiting my birds blog.

  6. Our nesting season has ended here so your post was quite approriate for this part of the world. Also, it's interesting to see the posts of all the things just starting to bloom in your area. In this area, the plants are slowly dying off in preperation for the winter.

  7. Love the poem and the photos are the perfect compliment! Love the close-up of the feather too!

  8. I always try to find comfort in the fact that an empty nest means those birds finally spread their wings and are flying and amazing us with their dances. Loved your poem!


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