Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travelogue:- Being there Part 2

Sandy 'Currawong Beach', a gentle cove in a

sheltered Inlet.

The beautiful old timber house with eight
bedrooms and three bathrooms in which
we stayed

Father (swimming) racing son to the beach
from the end of the jetty. The water was so cold
he got a headache for his trouble.

Grandparents, replete after son's birthday
breakfast squinting into the sun to see that all is well

While the girls had their noses in their books

As a Wallaby wondered what all the
fuss was about.

On the way back to Sydney we checked out
the ocean beach at 'Palm Beach', and enjoyed
the white manes on the sea horses.

The next and final instalment of this thrilling
saga will feature the springtime journey
back home.


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of a beautiful day.

  2. It's great to go to a computer here in Canada and find a lovely travelogue posted in Australia. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

  3. I forgot to add you and your lovely family...I got my posts confused..

  4. What a refreshing respite...gorgeous!! Especially fun to see the pic of you! ;^)

  5. Amazing blog with marvellously posts, and beautiful photographs, Congratulation!

  6. Hi Arija. What lovely pictures and happy, happy days with your family.
    Lucky you!x

  7. An enjoyable post to read!

    "Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  8. Beautiful!

    Wow...especially that last photo. Just gorgeous.

  9. Ah, great place to sit with a good book! The girls had the right idea.

  10. Your photos are just gorgeous! I always enjoy visiting your blog and thanks for visiting mine, I appreciate your comments. To think so many of us can share so many lovely things and yet be separated by so many miles!

  11. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them. One of these days I hope to be able to go to Australia to see those exotic sights.

  12. What wonderful fun and family sharing! I know you all had a marvelous time! And I love the waves in the last photograph!

  13. How beautiful it all looks Arija. So lovely to be surrounded by your family. The sea horses photo is just amazing.

  14. Thanks for your comments on my blog.I will be visiting your blog from now on to see what you see in your part of the world.Please feel free to 'visit' Manitoba,Canada through my photos.I'm happy to share my world with you.

  15. Looks like a lovely beach

  16. Arija I love your tours of Australia - and the standard of your photography is first class.

  17. Liebe Arija, das sind wunderschöne Bilder von der Küste! Die Familie hat sich sichtlich wohl gefühlt, und am herzigsten finde ich die Kinder beim Lesen!
    Bei uns ist Herbst, und es war auch schon sehr kalt, knapp über 0°C in der Nacht. Deswegen habe die Rosen diese dunkleren Flecken.
    Pilze habe ich in letzter Zeit keine gesehen, es hat aber schon länger nicht geregnet. Dafür ist die Weinlese in vollem Gang! Die Trauben schmecken ja sooo gut wenn sie ganz frisch vom Rebstock kommen!
    Alles Liebe und auf bald!

  18. Beautiful sceneries... what a gorgeous place to be--I bet you and your family had a lovely time.

    Answering your question on my blog, that purple rose you liked is called Royal Amethyst Hybrid Tea, it has a sweet scent, and the colors are just amazing, we planted it as a bareroot when we moved to our new home and it doing great.... I have now planted a Butterfly bush beside that rose and I'm somewhat concern about it because that bush is taking over the rose, and it may not like it.... we'll just have to wait until next spring ans see what happens... :)

    Thaks for stopping by my rose nest...


  19. Oh es ist gut deine Reisebilder zu sehen und das es euch dabei gut geht.
    Ja ich war einige Tage in Schweden und drei Wochen in Norwegen. Dort habe ich auf einer Farm geholfen und den wunderbaren Herbst genossen.
    ... und nett, dass du mich vermisst hast.
    Liebe Grüsse

  20. Hello Arija !
    What a lovely photos...
    The sea is very fine...
    "Et les grands-parents si cool"...
    A plus tard...

  21. The last picture encapsulates to me what the sea is about and why I feel so attached to it: it can be quiet and peaceful, or restless and tempestous.

    Greetings from London.

  22. The white manes of the seahorses ... i have never heard that expression before.. you have a magic way with words... that photograph is time-stopping... What a lovely place to spend a holiday!!! I can only imagine.

  23. Beautiful travel pictures!
    I particularly like the little girls lost in their books and the waves pounding "Palm Beach".


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