Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blog Awards Night

Four very kind people have seen fit to
bestow marks of recognition upon me.
Though belatedly, it behoves me to distribute
them as best I may.Being new at this, 28
bloggers to pass them onto is beyond my limited
capacity. Please excuse this breech of protocol.
It is not in my nature to give and impose rules upon
the recipient, and I can only say, please pass them
on when, and to whom the spirit moves you.

boosted my confidence as the new kid on the block

I give thanks for this beautiful award and pass it on

To Maria of Der Lustige Wanderschuh, my deep

appreciation for your friendship and this award

which I would like to give to Gwen of Desideratum
I pass on this award with my love and best wishes.

To Annette of Faerie Shoes and Other Things,
my sincere thanks for the brilliant Blog Award
which boosted my confidence no end.

This award I would like to bestow on:

Willow of Life at Willow Manor, and
to Pamela terry and edward
The I love your blog award came to me by
This I would like to share among:
Thank you all so much for your kindness.


  1. Thank you so much! It is much appreciated and I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog, I certainly do enjoy yours. This has been such a great hobby to be able to pursue in these late years, so many contacts, new friends! It's great! Thanks again!

  2. Good morning Arija.... congratulations on all your blog awards, you deserve each of them, your virtual home is such a delight, and I love coming here... thank YOU for honoring me with this lovely award, one of the prettiest I've seen. THANKS!

    Concerning the rose in question—the flowers on the first photograph on a silver jar by the lamp, they’re indeed peonies... The photograph at the bottom of that post shows my beautiful “Chicago Peace”. I love this rose; I love that it grows upright and stiff, and it blooms all year around from early spring to fall. Blooms are classic hybrid tea form, with full, large buds that open to a high centered flower with exuberant pink color. One of my favorites!

    Wishing you sunshine and bird songs...


  3. You are incredibly kind to think of Edward and me for this lovely award. We are honored, both for the prize, and to be in such talented company. We always enjoy our visits here at your place and are so glad you like to visit us as well!

    Thanks so very much, and our best wishes for a lovely day.

  4. You are too, too sweet! Thank you for this wonderful surprise! I am very flattered and honored to accept this. I have so enjoyed our bloggy banter!!

    I just wanted to tell you how glamorous you look in this magnificent "My Fair Lady" gown, flanked by not one handsome man, but TWO!!! May I have a dance with Mr. Sharif? I want to chat with him about Doctor Zhivago, if I can think straight after gazing into his eyes!

  5. Thank you so much, Arija! I'm deeply honoured by your kindness.

    And congratulations for having receiving so many awards yourself.

    OOPS! I'm afraid I didn't dress for the occasion (I'm wearing jeans and a sweatshirt), but I'll pick up the award as gracefully as I can, tiptoe out in my stocking feet and head back to my blog to thank you there too. ;-)

  6. Thank you my dear Arija... I am so surprised and humbled to be included amongst these wonderful bloggers and presenters of beauty.....

    I feel I receive an award each time I visit your lovely home here.. truly.. your insight and gentleness comes through and moves along through the airwaves all around the world...
    I am blushing and appreciate it very much.. It has been and still is and will be even more so such a pleasure getting to know you even better... thank you again!...


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