Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intermezzo - Rain

It rains,

and rains,

and rains,

and rains,

the skies and earth turn grey
the leaden sea laps leaden shore
trees shake off showers of water

in swirling seas in mists unseen
on rock sits Neptune's daughter

She sits her golden tressea rinsing
in sheets of rain enfolded
her lilting song the rain clouds calls
'till sky and air and water too
in greyness melt unendeing.

In swirling waves her senses swoon
slip into gentle slumber
her dreams the tides make rise and fall
her joy the skies to clear
compassion ships to harbour brings
her anger storms to quicken . . .
for now, she sleeps
and dreams of rain
rain sheeting, dripping, dripping . . .


  1. Hi! I've never seen you at a loss of words, Arija! :^)

  2. Mmm...this is some scrumptious rain! Lovely poem of Neptune's daughter, too. I especially like "her lilting song the rain cloud calls" and "compassion ships to harbour brings". Very nice.

  3. This makes rain look peaceful. I will have to focus on this post as it is so beautiful...

  4. Hallo Arija, this is such a beautiful rainpost! I love the pictures very much, and also the words sound peaceful, like rain.

    Fortunately, the rain is over in Vienna, and we can go skywalking this evening!

  5. Hi Arija,
    Wonderful Water in all its forms.. You would have loved the droplets delicately hanging from all the spider webs spun between the trees in the side yard the other day.. They were mesmerizing... as are these shots!!!

    Your poem is very hypnotic... I am resting now......

  6. Hi Arija I have enjoyed your sequence of rain pictures and felt your poem captured the mood very well.
    Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Wow It is similar I would have said I took your first one :) It looks to me as if the rain on your branches was cold where mine is warm and sultry

  8. So moody rain pics! The SkyWatch sky I'd like to see l a a a r g e r -----

    Thanks for passing by :)

  9. I love the wispy clouds in the first one.

  10. These are great. Love the mood in these photos. Very soothing.


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