Monday, September 26, 2011

OUR WORLD - Mt.Arapiles

Driving home, we came upon this sea of gold and could not help
ourselves, we just had to detour to Mt.Arapiles. Himself wanted
to drive to the summit but ran into a solid veto.

I desperately needed a walk and found this prostrate Acacia
along the way.

We pulled into a camping area where I bagged this Common
Miner bird.

Being very self-serving, I suggested the Prof walk to the top
while I went birding. Looks like I only bagged a tennis ball
sized fungus.

I headed up to the foot of the cliffs where there was tree
cover and I could hear some chirping . . .

The wattles (Acacias) were out in full force, whichever way
you looked was covered in gold,

with just two exceptions, one of them, this native hop-bush.

Higher up in the scrub, I met these Kangaroos and companion
sat with them for a while.

There were many straw flowers in bud but only this one patch
in full bloom.

This mountain is renowned for it's climbability. There were
groups of climbers everywhere. A lot of people come here to
learn the art of climbing, the rocks have good holds and do not
crumble under your weight. A really good beginner's mountain.

Gold, gold and more gold . . .

and just one patch of the Native Mint Bush.

Sitting high up on a pillar of rock sat this leader of a climbing
group, encouraging the other climbers.

Last but not least, a native clematis. There was so much more
but my post was already getting too long.

Although I heard a number of birds and especially the Fantail Cuckoo
with his mournful, falling trill, not one presented itself to have it's
portrait taken in the three hours I was lucky enough to spend there.

Do join Our World and show us what is dear to your hearts.


  1. Arija - your wildlife and plants are so very different from ours that it is fascinating to look at your photographs. That acacia is so beautiful too.

  2. I hope the Prof had a great walk while you enjoyed the brilliant spring colors.

  3. What a great series of photos! I would have loved to have kept company with those kangaroos :) Have a great week Arija.

  4. Your world is full of wonders, I am in awe!
    Truly another magnificent tour of your beautiful country, thank you! :-)

  5. Arija, Such an absolutely splendourous place you live.. Wish I could tele-transport.

  6. Oh, yes! Such gorgeous captures, Arija! And what a beautiful place! Love all the wildlife and colorful plants, too! Looks like a wonderful visit! Hope your week is off to a good start!


  7. Loved seeing your outdoors and it would be so cool to sit among the kangaroos!

  8. Arija, you have filled my day with delight through your wonderful flower shots and majestic landscape -so relaxing! You take very good photos! Vibrant and full of details!

  9. So many beautiful and interesting sites. I'd love to visit your part of the world but I'm glad to have your photographs to show it to me.

  10. Oh, the golden yellow on horizon would certainly inspire a walk in me! How lovely the sights in the area and how impressive that tennis ball sized fungus. Some of the mountains you pictured look like totem carvings we have in my world. However, it would be amazing to see a kangaroo on one of my walks. :)

  11. it looks so beautiful. The birds can wait for another visit, perhaps!

  12. Starting off my day with these delightful photos! These reminded me of some of the wonderful shots from a book that we have called Wild Australia. The blooms, the wildlife, and the rock formation...stunning.

    Hope your week goes well.

  13. Oh, fantastic images Arija! I love wattle!

  14. Wow - what golden vistas! Looks heavenly.

  15. The grand scale of the rocks awesome. I tend to like watching climbers on rocks, but don't want to try it myself! Your spring blooms and bushes look like they got some moisture. Glad you stopped so we could take a walk with you.

  16. Hi there - great set of pictures. Mt. Arapiles is a real magnet for climbers.

    The mint was out in force when I was in the Grampians.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  17. Arija, what a great place for a stroll (or meander)! I am amazed at your plants and your rock formations. so much of it looks like SE Arizona where I used to live. we had acacia trees n our front yard with those funny yellow blooms and I have seen and taken pictures of rocks like that. It all sound like just a lovley day. It's always funny to me tha tyou are in opposite seasons from me. While we are heading into autumn, you are now in spring!

    BTW, I did have a lovely time with my kids and I may do a post about it soon. They are back in Kentucky now and I am readjusting to being here by myself. I'm trying to get caught up on all the things i put off over this busy summer before the wave of holiday activity begins! and, as always, there is more birding to do!

    I hope you are well! Hugs from New England!

  18. Lovely photo's, the first one looks like a field of Oil Seed Rape, the farmers around us plant crops of it every year, it looks beautiful, and the scent is strong but I hate it with a passion, it gets to my nose and throat very badly.
    I think the Kangaroo was as interested in you as you were in him.
    The petals of the clematis remind me of the Magnolia Stellata tree.
    Lovely selection of photo's.

  19. wonderful bursts of colours and love the wildlife. i've always enjoyed visiting your world through your lens. thank you Arija.

  20. It is always an adventure to see your showcase of pictures. Its a photographers' and naturalist paradise!

    The wide expanse of gold is so gorgeous!

  21. Oh, I would love to be in that no 1. So beautiful and you catch the light so nice.
    It also looks like a great place to climb or bouldering.

  22. Wonderful post!! I alwaus like the hike or tour posts. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  23. Arija, you never cease to amaze us with the beauty that you share. Such glorious presentation of what your life views. Thank you always for your shares to our lives~

  24. That looks like a very beautiful area.

  25. Arija, that's a wonderful world you shared with us. Beautiful pictures. It's amazing to me the way you just casually mention seeing a kangaroo. I would love that.

    We share one thing in common -- the guy I go places with ;>) always wants to drive a little farther, higher..while I too would rather make it less drive, more walk.

  26. Beautiful place. The cliffs look great.

  27. So, spring is mainly yellow in your world? Main spring color in my corner of the world is pink, the cascades of pink of cherry blossoms nationwide. Seeing the different wildlife, mountains, and plants from mine is enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

  28. wow, is that some kind of akasia? Wehn our fields look like that it is from ripe. :) I learned something today then. :)

  29. Beautiful spring full of gold flowers! Gold is symbolic color of autumn in Japan as it is the time of harvest of rice. Especially I love the first photo, really awesome!

    thanks a lot for your warm concern.

    Best wishes,

  30. I really like so much many of your shots. Great post!


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