Sunday, September 18, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Pink and Pretty

Spring is in full swing, daylight lasts longer, the days are
warmer and blossoms abound everywhere.
Prunus persicum, in my daughter's garden just down the hill.

A closer look - isn't it pretty?

I just popped in this one to see if you were awake, no, this
is not pink but it is a Prunus and looks like a veritable snow

Just to whet your appetite, one of my all time favourite trees,
Malus floribunda or flowering crabapple. I'll show some
more of this tree in another post.

This one is a real splash in my garden, a double flowering

and again so you can see the very double blossoms

All may be enlarged at will.

Join TOSAY'S FLOWERS and show us what is flowering in your neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  2. so gorgeous. the crabapple is one of my favorite blossoms - the combo pink and white is spectacular! :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful spring flowers while I look at the changing colors of fall.

  4. I do love your beautiful pink blossoms! Our trees have just a tinge of fall color beginning to show! The view from the window in front of my desk will be quite different soon. Hope you've had a lovely weekend, Arija!!


  5. Lovely to see the trees burst forth. We visited Portland OR, famous for its rose gardens, and I thought of your blog while admiring one incredible rose variety after another.

  6. All so beautiful, but the flwoering crabapple tree takes the prize!

    We are slowly falling into autumn, enjoying the summery temperatures while they last.

    A wonderful and happy springtime to you,

  7. Your spring looks so beautiful. Delightful shots.

  8. Our wonderful summer coming to its end, unfortunately and spring is in full swing there, lucky you! I already envy you! lol Your photos are breathtaking.

  9. Lovely spring flowers...seems so strange to see them as we head into autumn... thanks for sharing.

  10. Everything looks so fresh and wonderful!

  11. These are gorgeous and I loved seeing the new buds along with the already opened blooms in the 4th photo, so pretty. Thanks for stopping by. I was so sorry to hear of your fall and hope you will soon be feeling much better. Having had some nasty falls of my own in the past, I know how long it takes to recover from them. Have a great week and thank you for sharing these lovely photographs.

  12. Oh, love seeing these beautiful blooms since we are heading into fall. What a treat!

  13. There are various kind of blossoms in your daughter's garden. I am very impressed.

  14. Minor,

    just the top pne is in my daughter's garden, the others are all from my garden.

  15. Hello Arija,
    I've visited before... during the previous 'Today's Flowers'... when I first explored the concept and wandered among the Flowers contributed... I remember the words 'Garden Delights', and enjoyed my time here.
    I had intended returning... instead... you have guided me back with your Visit to me.

    Thank you for your support with my 1st contribution with 'Today's Flowers'... love what you wrote.

    I've again been having a lovely time wandering about here... love the way you write your Stories for the photos... and thoroughly beautiful are your Prunus photos.
    The Flowering Crabapple is exquisite with its contrasting colouring... will be lovely to see and read more about them.
    And... I didn't know Almond Blossoms were such a deep vibrant pink... or, am I mistaking them for the Almond Nut Blossoms?

    Thank you again Arija, has been a pleasure too, finding my self back here, and this time discovering, for now, you are in South Australia. Extra special.

    With appreciation from Magda in Queensland Australia

  16. wonderful burst of colours. lovely colours and textures.

  17. Phew! Can't choose any favourites they are all gorgeous but Crab apple is one of my favourite blooms and also adore the shot of the hooded orchid! Beautiful!



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