Saturday, September 24, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Birthday Wonders

On this special day for me, when I reach my first
three quarter century, I went around the garden
and park to show you the wonders mother nature
has blessed me with on this one day. This is but a
selection of all that is flowering at the moment.
My shade-house full of scented and other orchids
is not even touched upon here.

The wisteria along the house is in full bloom.

On first waking very early, this Adelaide Rosella was nipping
off the new shoots of my rose bushes.

I went to the farmers' market and on my way back, saw this
amazing tree peony. The elderly gentleman kindly invited me
into his garden to photograph it and insisted on presenting me
with a bloom for my birthday!

With these few hardy tulips, I would like to thank all those of
you who so kindly prayed for us, sent kind thought and light.
Your intervention on our behalf has already paid dividends as
the prognosis for my wonderful sister has changed from an
impossibly frightening one, to a more hopefully operable
contained brain tumour close to the scull.
The operation is scheduled for Monday so please if you can,
continue with your support a little longer.

Below is my birthday tree that never fails to have at least a
few blossoms on the day. This year it is in full flight and a joy
to behold

I thought with all the turmoil in the family my birthday would
pass unnoticed but to my great surprise, suddenly last night
my son, daughter-in-love and youngest granddaughter
materialised on our doorstep!

Above, a close up of my birthday tree and below a mountain
of gold . . . am I rich or what??

Everyone should have a daisy a day . . .

Heading into the park, I was greeted by Sam who excitedly ran
towards me faster than I could get his tail into my sights.

The Judas tree is full of pretty pink buds,

This ash that I cannot remember off hand has bright pink flower
like leaves.

the Choke CHerry, Prunus padus, takes me back to my Latvian
childhood with it's wonderfully heady scent.

The Banksia is covered in golden birthday candles just for me

and even the young oak that I grew from an acorn is flowering
for the first time

and lucky last, these deep pink blossoms on my red-leafed

And that is not the half of all that is in bloom at the moment.

I wish each and every one of you a happy day!

Just click on the Logo and fall into a wealth of flower and show
your own as well.


  1. Oh my dear friend,I hope your birthday is as special as you are. Glad to hear that there is some improvement in the health department,and that you were remembered on your special day.
    !!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  2. First of all, my dear Arija, I want to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday and may there be many more! Secondly, I'm so happy with the good news regarding your sister!! That's the kind of news we all want to hear! And then how wonderful that your son and his family were able to join you on such a wonderful day! Your photos are superb and what gorgeous flowers and colors! Breathtaking! I am a little late getting here, as things were a little busier than usual, but I'm so glad to have found your blog waiting for me! Enjoy your day, dear friend!! And celebrate!

    Much love,


  3. 3/4 century? 75? God bless you on your birthday and always. and your dear sister is is my thoughts. may her surgery go better than anticipated, and her healing come swiftly!

  4. Happy Birthday Arija! Your garden is having a special display of bloom for your special day. All your favourites are having a show now. Also, my get well soon prayers and wishes for your sister.

  5. It sounds as if you had a lovely Birthday and your recording of it is beautiful. I do hope all goes well with your sister.

  6. Happy Birthday, beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing this happy news as well as these gorgeous photos.

  7. I too wish you a very Happy Birthday deat Arija....hugs..Michelle

  8. Happy Birthday, Arija! Sorry for being infrequent but to come and see these images...truly wonderful! What a wealth of beauty you're surrounded by!

    So sorry to hear about your sister...I hope everything goes well. Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts...and in my prayers.

  9. Your garden is putting on an amazing show for your birthday! How wonderful that your son and his family came to share your special day with you, and I hope it was a happy one. Good news about your sister's condition but still a difficult time ahead. I'll keep her and your family in my prayers.

  10. Happy Birthday! - glad to hear that the news is better for your family.

    Cheers Stewart M.

    PS: few more Grampians pics on my blog if you have the time to drop by!

    So I send good wishes and digital flowers!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful tour of so many beautiful flowers.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister but glad that the news is better than before. I didn't realize she was going through this. My good thoughts and prayers will be going out for her, you and your family.


    What a glorious collection of flowers you have shared. I love them all, and it was so nice to have family celebrate your birthday with you.
    I do hope that whatever was going on in your lives, that things have calmed and that your hearts shall have a wonderful week ahead. With beautiful grounds, gardens and loverlies like you have shared, who could reist a smile~
    Cheers to you~

  13. Happy belated Birthday Arija. The garden knows your wishes. Sending good health energy to your sister.

  14. Happy Birthday Arija!. I will keep your sister in my thoughts and prayers. I will wish her a quick recovery from her surgery. Your photos and flowers are all gorgeous and of course I just love that colorful bird. Have a great week!

  15. Oh my gush it's so beautiful. That yellow candle flower is amazingly unique. Love it!

    The Rose

  16. So many beautiful photos and joyful happenings. My favourite is the tree peony photo - so beautiful.

    Happy belated birthday and hope your sister op went better than expected.

  17. Oh ... how nice it is flourishing.... here it is autumn now ... you show beautiful exotic flowers ...
    LG: Karin

  18. Happy belated birthday, dear Arija! I shall think of your sister! I wish her and you a lot of strength to face the operation. If the day will end as beautiful as your flowers are, then it'll be wonderful.
    Sorry for my late answer. Friday was a very hectic day with the law suit. It took a whole day, but I( the widow) won.

  19. Thank you Arija...yes, I read about your sister, and I am so happy for your family that she can have the care she needs, to get better. I shall continue to remember your family in all matters of the heart~

  20. My dear Arija, although I am late, I want to wish you very, very Happy Birthday. I am glad that your son and his family didn't forget your special day.
    I am so sorry to hear what turmoil that you and your family have been going through. I do hope all goes well with your sister. I pray for her and for you too. May God give you enough strength in this time of trouble!
    Your photos are wonderful and flowers breathtaking.

  21. Arija this hopeful news of your sisters prognosis on surgery I can see has lightened the load on your heart! A wonderful B.Day for you!
    I wish for you a Happy Day and certainly shall keep a candle lit in honor of your sister and I continue my prayers for her and light Anna xo

  22. A beautiful garden. I can't imagine seeing colorful birds like that flying around in nature. How lucky you are!

  23. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Arija! It sounds like it was a great one on so many levels. I'm happy for you and I'll keep your sister in my prayers. These are awesome photographs to share with us, thank you so much.

  24. Happy birthday! This post is an extraordinary bouquet.

  25. My belated birthday greetings! The world of flowers gifted you with these beautiful blooms. How delightful to see these colors in your Spring world.

  26. How wonderful for you! I know your special day was special. I am praying.

  27. Happy Belated Birthday! I am happy you had good news and wonderful company and beautiful flowers to celebrate with.


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