Monday, September 19, 2011

OuR WORLD - Spring in the Grampians II

Our world is big beautiful and diverse and all our little corners
of it are different. Here are a few snaps of one of my special place,
The Grampians in Victoria, great granite outcrops and a wonderful
garden of Eden after rain. This year there has been plenty of rain,
in fact, enough to wash out most of the roads and bridges in the area.

A little sun orchid smiling at my camera.

A great big patch of hooded green orchids, you really had to
mind where you planted your feet to avoid damaging them.

The white stems of trees burnt a couple of years ago
behind ghostly white bushes.

Mind your feet, a tiny bright green bush, no more than 4-5"
high with a citrus coloured bud.

A great big Banksia, tucked between Eucalypts and Acacias.

The ants are building high again, looks like there is going to
be more big rain. I hope it does not wash out any more roads.

A recent fire seems to have wiped out all vegetation but the
Xanthorrhoea has survived and is sending up a great flower

An odd plant that I had never seen before with leaves like a
Holly only softer.

Some of the erosion caused by the great rains earlier in the year

and the footprint of a wallaby in the soft moist sand.

I know this is a very long post, have I put you to sleep yet?
If so, just leave me a thank you note and hit the hay. If you are
still awake, bear with me, there are only 3 pikkies to go.

If you don't enlarge any of the others, at least embiggen this
one to see God's own garden.

Normally this country is dry but after rain, ah, after rain it
all comes alive

and, aha, there it comes.

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  1. you live in such a beautiful world. great photos and the orchid is incredibly gorgeous.

  2. so wonderful to see the land rejuvenated again! except for the washouts, of course. but i guess even they have their purpose in God's garden. :)

  3. This is gorgeous! The rain may cause a bit of erosion, but oh the benefits for the land and flowers.

    Met one of your fellow countrywoman yesterday. Was nice to be able to tell her about all your beautiful spring flowers.

  4. Looks like a lovely, different and fascinating place -- you do seem to have a lot of those in your part of the world, Arija! Love your photos and the colors! Hope your week is off to a good start!


  5. Thank you for this lovely tour! I really enjoyed every spot and subject. Great shots.

  6. I could look at your pictures all day Arija - there are never too many as they are always so beautiful and so foreign to over here.

  7. This post would never put me to sleep. I enjoyed all the photographs and your spring world is gorgeous.

  8. Thanks for sharing, beautiful captures!
    Best regards,

  9. Although we never want too much of it, the blessings of rain are clearly illustrated in your lovely photos, Arija! What a delight to discover green orchids in the woods. Such a find would be unlikely in my corner of the planet. However, there is much magic in the different forest floors where we wander. :)

  10. Hi there - nice set of shots! You can seea different part of the Grampains on my post!

    I really windy weekend make flower photographs difficult!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  11. No I have not fallen asleep.These are all so lovely.

  12. That looks beautiful, excellent shots. We had one of our largest rainfalls ever last week, but luckily it was only for one day and didn't do much damage. But I was very glad I fixed a couple of roof tiles the weekend before, I'm normally not as careful about that as I should be because it's so dry here!

  13. Wonderful very different looking place.

  14. Such a beautiful country! I have never seen sand so red.

  15. Nature and the havoc, yet each creature tries to survive. Great series of shots.

  16. will you go back and photograph the green hooded orchids for me. I imagine they are so beautiful.

  17. OF course I didn't go to sleep! Such lovely and varied photos of your part of the world.

  18. I can see why your world is so diverse. So many things to see especially the red sand. We always hope no extreme nature calamities. Right now we have brush fires to tackle.

    P.S. Hope you are Ok from the fall.

  19. The signs of spring are there. I am always happy when I see the first bits of green appearing in the trees..Beautiful plants and places ! Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for your visit. Our judicial system is based on the Roman law. That means there is no jury. But it's always innocent until proven guilty. Both parties have a lawyer representing them. Both parties collect evidence to prove that they are right.

  20. Interessant å se bilder fra en helt annerledes verden! Skjønner at du har lagt merke til at jeg ikke tar meg tid til å kommentere når jeg besøker sidene deres. Jeg forventer selvfølgelig ikke at dere kommenterer hos meg heller. Derfor har jeg lagt til "like" som man bare kan klikke på.

  21. Very nice all, no, I fall asleep looking at pictures so delicious.

  22. Your world is truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Wonderful post! Hats off to the way you've walked through your world:)

  24. Your part of the world is so beautiful. Nature is so close to you.

  25. I enjoyed your post with eyes wide open! I like it when I can see things I can't see in my world at this season. I like your attentive attitude to the tiny things under your feet. Recently we have experienced "it never rains but pours", while rain is blessing in the area suffering drought.

  26. While your world is awakening, mine is closing in on itself.

    wherever we are, if we have eyes to see, there are miracles in nature everywhere.

  27. Lovely series of nature shots... that Xanthorrhoea is awesome.

  28. What a colorful diversity of vegetation your country has!
    Vigorous vital energy is there!!
    To see God's own garden is blessing.
    Best wishes,

  29. I wish I had been there with you. So much interesting and beautiful things to explore. :)

  30. Beautiful photography of beautiful nature in your part of the world, Arija. I enjoyed every one, especially the plant / bloom which survived the recent fire. Blessings and hugs Jo

  31. It´s so amazing to see your spring on the day autumn starts in Germany. Hugs from Luzia.

  32. An absolutely wonderful visit. Arija. You show us so many inviting scenes from your country.No chance of falling asleep here! It's like taking a mini vacation. Thank you so much.


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