Sunday, September 4, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Spring has Sprung at the Gardens

On the way back from Melbourne last week, we stopped in at
the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and what a sight met our eyes!

Even outside the gardens the grass was full of daisies

and once we got inside, I was quite surprises at the grand
spring plantations that had been brought into being.

Spring bulbs galore, thick as thieves between the azaleas

and beds planted around the birches in circles and arcs.

How can one resist such beauty?

I certainly could not and kept snapping away . . . can you see
the little statue in the background?

Another innovation since last we visited, is that immense glass
house. The lanterns are like old fashioned gaslights and there
are quite a number of marble statues and bronze busts of all
the Australian prime ministers lining an avenue of very old trees.

Here is a raised semi-circular bed of multi-coloured polyanthus.

All pictures enlarge with a click.

Join TODAY'S FLOWERS and show off the flowers around you.


  1. How delightful to be surrounded by such colors. The glass house looks very unusual, and quite the contrast to the old fashioned gas lights.

  2. nice to see the spring in your land!

  3. Those polyanthus are to die for Arija - I absolutely love them.

  4. Oh my,you could surely get lost on those gardens and 'click away' at the beauty all day.
    I love the glass house. It's very unique.
    Your spring is starting off beautifully!

  5. The Gardens' spring blooms are lovely!

  6. What a beautiful place and such gorgeous, colorful flowers! Lovely captures for the day, Arija! And it does look as if "spring has sprung"! Hope your weekend is going well!


  7. Spring flowers are always a treat!

    My share for today's flower, have a blessed Sunday!

  8. Gorgeous spring blooms.I love each one.

  9. you are thick in the throes of spring and I'm happy that you've shared this beauty. I like the glass house - it's very unique. I look forward to enjoying your spring! happy day to you Arija.

  10. Lovely garden, soon it will be time for us to start planning and planting for spring.

  11. Love your photos Arija, Spring is an exciting time for flowers and you've shared some beauties. Thank you my friend.

  12. Never content...I am just never content...I adore our spring and this season spring came on so hot, we never even realized spring had come. Now as we enter the autumn season here, you enter the spring and your lovely images make me long for our spring to once again return for now, not another several months. Ah but we must enjoy each day, each season given, right...yes and we shall, but oh do smell the fragrance of the flowers just once for me and bid them a fond hello from far away~

  13. What a gorgeous garden! I too would have been snapping hundreds of photos.

  14. Spring shots! No doubt about it. Lovely!

  15. What a gorgeous trip Arija. Spring has to be my most famous time of the year. Enjoy!

  16. Flowers and beautiful gardens are always treat to my eyes. I completely enjoyed in this lovely and colorful post.

  17. Lovely! So many pretty flowers. Happy Springtime Arija.


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