Monday, June 24, 2013

OUR WORLD - Angaston in the Rain

Come rain or shine, I love to go to the Angaston farmer's marker
very early on a Saturday morning.

Afterwards my dog and I enjoy the little township itself.
We park under my favourite oak in this delightful off
road car park between the main street and a small creek
side park. No that is not my car, mine is quite grown up
and had it's 21st birthday some time ago.

After our little bit of shopping we sit a while either under 
the vine covered colonnade or on a bench on the lawn

say hallo to that splendid oak that shades our car in summer

look back towards the main street

let our senses wallow in the beauty of the lingering autumn leaves

and cross the bridge to be greeted by the last of the golden wonders
still as bright as in mid summer

 marvel at these tiny, less than an inch tall, 
sulphurous fungi dotting the lawns

with hardly time to tuck camera under coat before it braves the
rain again to shoot the last hollyhock escapee from a garden
abov that has naturalised on the steep, rocky bank of the creek

with camera once more safely tucked away, dog and I 
nimbly step between the raindrops to enjoy 
the rest of our walk

OUR WORLD has so many nooks and crannies to
explore, this is just one of them but if you look
with an open heart, you find then everywhere.


  1. I love markets like this and would so enjoy shopping there!! Lovely autumn captures, Arija!! Thank you for sharing! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

  2. You are surrounded by brilliant gold and green, with a touch of pink thrown in.

  3. This is a truly beautiful post and made my heart sing. Megathanks.
    My hollyhocks became crispy critters this summer and I am thrilled to see this escapee.

  4. What a beautiful series of autumn photos!
    It's summer in Norway!

  5. beautiful words and images. So gentle and calm. I love walking when the rain is softly falling.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Yes the last photo is so beautiful, but if you have an eye for it the world is full of such wonderful places and I never get bored of it.
    The trees have lovely autumncolours.

  7. HI Thank you for sharing these beautiful autumn shots. Margaret

  8. The extraordinary delights of an ordinary day.

  9. I did enjoy coming on that walk with you Arija - I wish i could have seen what was for sale in your Farmers' market.

  10. Great area for a walk!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Hello, arija! I was enthralled with autumn-scape you showed. Late autumn is my favorite season before it gets really cold. Our dry rainy season got back to normal and I enjoy special quality of this season before it gets really hot. Your photos reminded me of cool, crisp air of autumn. Stay warm.


  12. i LOVE the oak, the beautiful fall colors, and your wonderful walking area. :)

  13. Wonderful nooks & crannies - oaks are my favorite trees, yours have me dreaming of cool fall days, as it is sticky & muggy and hot here!

  14. Arija - what a great path to meander with your dog. It looks a bit mysterious in the fog and rain.

  15. That looks like a place I would love to explore. The scenery is delightful.

  16. Great photos - the autumn leaves and colors are beautiful and something I don't experience up here in the sub-tropics.

  17. your autumn colors is beautiful in the rain. :)

  18. It looks like a wonderful place to walk.


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