Saturday, June 22, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Winter Roses

I have always been fascinated by flowers out of season

I found this surprise a couple of days ago
when I went to look wether my 'Princess de Monaco'
had survived the summer. 
It had and it made me glad but behind it 
A lovely rambler had decided to give me a present or two . . .

a little ground-cover rose that the sheep had demolished,
had brought forth this brilliant red,
somewhat snail damaged, beauty

After the early Saturday marked in Angaston,
the dog and I take our accustomed stroll around 
the town and were greeted by this beautiful ,
rain-drenched pot of gold.

What is blooming up your way
or anywhere else?
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  1. Hi Airja What a lovely surprise for you and a wonderful vibrant red Rose. I love raindrops on flowers. Have a great weekend. Margaret

  2. Love the roses. And the pot of gold is a true gem. I have some astroemeria blooming valiantly, a cyclamen, some daisies and lots and lots of bulbs coming through. And some (the paper whites I think) have flower spikes. An exciting time. Oh, and a plant I hope you can identify for me tomorrow.

  3. My roses are just coming into bloom Arija. I love them too. Albertine has her first flower. She has permanent blackspot and the garden centre suggested i threw her out as it is almost impossible to eradicate it on Albertine - but she is my favourite, so I fight a losing battle to keep it at bay.

  4. I also enjoy flowers out of season. These are beauties.

  5. Ganz fantastische Bilder liebe Freundin...

    Umarmung und Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  6. That's real surprising roses in wintertime. Here the summer started yesterday and our roses are almost all in bloom now.

  7. just beautiful surprises for you!

  8. Each one of these is a treasure. I love roses,in all colours.

  9. Exquisite flowers and colors and treasures they are indeed, Arija!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  10. Colorful blooms are a special gift any day. Wildflowers are popping up all over at the North Rim.

  11. How lovely to have flowers in winter!

  12. Hi Arija, thank you for sharing these pretty flowers. The lighting on them is lovely!

    Wishing you a happy day,
    Today’s Flowers
    An English Girl Rambles

  13. I do love that lovely blousey pink rose in the top pic Arija ... I must take a closer look around my garden and see what beauties are hiding there.

  14. You should see the roses at the city house, Arija. I cut a big bouquet of them, mostly yellow and peach for the kitchen table. That pink is glowing in the light.

  15. Your winter flowers are just lovely!

  16. So exciting to find flowers unexpectedly!

  17. That is out of season - winter frosts here this weekend.

    Your right, the window is in a winery.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  18. I love the surprise bloom and the others as well. We have all kinds of flowers blooming right now. My wee small gardens not so much, yet very rewarding. Will share soon~

  19. To cudownie patrzeć na piekne róże, które kwitną u Was zimą. Pozdrawiam.
    It's wonderful to look at the beautiful roses that bloom in winter you. Yours.

  20. so beautiful Arija.. I do hope you will share something with I Heart Macro:-)

  21. You are surrounded with beautiful plants.
    Thanks for sharing.


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