Thursday, February 13, 2014

SkyWatch - A Different Slant . . .

Yesterday I had the pleasure of staying with a friend at
North Haven with an unimpeded view of the sea as well as a 
mooring, at the other side of the house, on the Marina.

Another 43 C day but we managed to walk the dogs on the 
beach after sundown when a change started coming in with
very promising clouds.

At 4 a m  very light rain started, by breakfast time it was raining 
steadily and when I left for home just after morning tea,
it was coming down in buckets making driving a real hazard.

By the time I made it back home late in the afternoon, it looked a 
little disappointing as rainfall drops by an inch a mile as you travel 
East. I was pleasantly surprised though to see 14.5mm in the rain 
gauge and the cicadas singing an ode to joy.

The rain stopped by dinner-time but we are enjoying a thick, 
beautifully moist, fog.

I do hope everyone is getting their preferred weather and 
commiserate with the people in the South of England being
flooded for so long and even worse floods expected.

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  1. ;) I like your slant today, beautifully done. Happy weekend to you with hugs~

  2. Arija, youslanted view is beautiful. Lovely scenes and images. So happy you had some much needed rain. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Lots of rain here in England.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. SO glad you were able to get some moisture there!

  5. Lovely skies and great takes for the day, Arija, as always!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!! Enjoy!

  6. How wonderful!!!! Today we have got a little more than welcome rain too. And, if the weather boffins are telling the truth (debatable) more is expected.
    The earth, the birds and my heart are singing.

  7. The sound of rain is wonderful to wake up to.

  8. oh, just beautiful! HOORAY for the wet stuff!!

    And today I linked with "Skywatch" for the first time, Arija, and I owe it all to you ... thank you for always inspiring some sky-time ;>]]

  9. I'm so happy you've had some rain Arija, I pray you will have more and things will turn around. Your photos are beautiful. We are having a bit of a blizzard today… I love snowy days.

  10. I am glad you got some of the moisture and cooling you need (and glad you made it safely home; no matter how welcome, downpours are no fun to drive in). If only there were some way to distribute the rainfall more evenly over this old Earth.

  11. I am happy that you got some of the moisture and cooling that you need... and glad you made it home safely (no matter how welcome, hard rain is no fun to drive in). If only there were a way to distribute moisture more evenly over this old Mother Earth.

  12. The sky and the ocean have become one -- beautiful. I like the dramatic effects of the slant.

  13. I'm happy to hear you have had some much needed rain and cooling of the horrid heat Arija, and and time away to enjoy the ocean. Lovely photos and I do like the angle you chose. Have a great weekend :)

  14. Hurray for the rain!

  15. I am glad you had also a good downpour like my daughter had after the unbearable heat. It is always the risk of fire that makes me feel uneasy. The weather here is very mild and soft. It almost feels like spring.
    Well happy Valentine, Arija!

  16. Wonderful shots. I'm glad to hear you've had some rain at last.

  17. I think you'd better cut back on slogging those drinks. Your pictures are coming out a tad crooked. ;D

    Well, isn't that a welcoming sky! We could use a bit of rain here as well. Won't you send some our way when you're done? Your photos are always wondrous and beautiful. They make me pause and remind me to take a deep breath and appreciate the world around me. I hope you had a glorious Valentine's Day. Sending you some more love from the other side of the world. xoxoxoxo

  18. Glad to hear you got some rain! I'll bet you were singing an ode to joy too!

  19. We had lots of rain and snow here too...
    I wish you a nice weekend, Arija!

  20. Nice post - at present we have only had sprinkle of rain - "trace" is what I think its called!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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