Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - Starlings Antics

Just uploaded these from a while ago and they were a pest 
to get onto the blog, a gremlin in the programme . . .

a starling family dropped in to feed their youngsters

"hey mom, I'm hungry!"

"you look big enough to fend for yourself kid"

"aw c'mon mom"

"see, you can do it!"

"don't walk away!!"

note the little yellow-dumped hornbill in the corner

"no mom, come back!"

"please mom don't walk away, dad can take care of the other four "

Did you see the wealth of green apples scattered under the tree 
in the first few shots?
That's what happens when the parrots come to call, they strip the 
trees before they or anyone else can reap any benefit.

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  1. that was cute, arija. absolutely what the little one was saying! :)

  2. A great series of photos and the captions are perfect. Juveniles of all sorts seem to make the same kind of begging noises!

  3. I agree with Tex, Arija, perfect birdie dialogue for the day!! Hope your week is going well!!

  4. Love it. And starlings aren't nearly as insistent as adolescent galahs.

  5. They are insistent birdy babies..like our own and as noisy I bet. It is so hard to think of parrots taking apples as we only see them in cages here.. Much nicer to know they are free there...sorry they take all the apples...Michelle

  6. HI Arija great shots and wonderful bidie talk to go along with it. Made me smile. Hope you are keeping well.

  7. Great series of shots. I love that you have baby birds already there. We just had a blizzard recently so all our birds are not contemplating nesting yet . I came over to visit from Tex's blog . Hope you don't mind if I now follow along.

  8. I love your commentary with these delightful photos Arija :). Your parrots are so pretty but with a voracious appetite?

  9. They are such pretty birds....they remind me of the universe with their design!

  10. I didn't realize parrots would do that! I thought starlings were a pest (they are here)...looks like they're fairly polite compared to the parrots.

  11. Your photos are beautiful. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  12. So sweet these are and love your writings along the way too. We usually do not get too many Starlings, but with all of the harsh Winter weather, they have been right outside our window for a couple of weeks now~ HUGS

  13. Einfach entzückend! Toll getroffen, eine super Bildergeschichte! :)

  14. Cute...birds are such beggars when little (or not so little)

  15. Was für eine wundervolle Bilderserie, liebe Arija! Ich empfinde solche Beobachtungen als ein sehr großes Geschenk!!!


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