Thursday, April 24, 2014

SkyWatch - Changing Clouds

There they were,
cumulo-stratus and cumulo-nimbus
going their separate ways

the upper level cumulo-stratus
were moving like bats out of hell
although they seemed to be standing still

because the cumulo-nimbus 
were doing their thing at speed as well

and like winking there were, only a few white fluffy things 
visible in that tiny window of blue on the left
(it pays to enlarge if you want to see them)

and the prettily coloured  but stingy cumulo-nimbus
refusing to let a single drop grace my thirsty garden.

Hey everybody, whatever happened to 400 people 
linking with this meme that has been going for so long??

There is a whole history of people starting and hosting it
over the years so let's get behind it and

Linking with

With many thanks to all concerned.


  1. the bottom shots are roiling, but i love the background in the top shot. :)

  2. Great sky shots, clouds are so fascinating to watch and capture.

  3. Wonderful clouds and colors and terrific captures for the day -- as always!! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Arija! Enjoy!!

  4. Gorgeous skies - and I hope the clouds leak on your garden soon.
    We have a grey day here, but I doubt that we will receive anything other than incontinent pigeon rain.

  5. Your three photos have captured the rapidly changing skies perfectly. Lets hope that all those people are now out looking at the sky for themselves!

  6. HI Arija These shots are stunning and I love your commentary that goes with it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. These skies are so pretty. Amazing the art of clouds.

  8. Wonderful shots, Arija, it's always nice to look at the clouds going by in different speeds.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  9. These are gorgeous clouds and skies, Arija! I have been staying loyal with my skywatch post.. I enjoy watching the sky!
    Have a happy weekend!

  10. beautiful skies... they can share some interesting cloud formations and so many moods, can't they? hope all is well. have a great day~

  11. You have so lovely skies, Arija!

  12. Ein beeindruckener Himmel. Da tut sich ja einiges! Wunderschön!

  13. Wonderful shots of the beautiful sky.

  14. Beautiful views at the sky !

  15. Hi Arija. Your skies are lovely but I am sorry those speeding clouds didn't drop any rain on your gardens. I really need to learn more about clouds.

    I didn't realize that the number of linkers on SWF had decreased -- it is still one of the most popular of any that I ever post to, with well over 200 links. I link when I have an interesting sky but when all I have is plain blue for weeks at a time sometimes I just skip it instead of boring people to death. We have really not had pretty sunrises this season and nor very many sunsets. And few clouds. But I always drop by and look at some of the links. Thank you as always for what you do to help enhance our blogging experience.

  16. I would like to lie in a field of grass and stare up at the sky with you. I bet you could tell me fantastic stories about the clouds.

    Have a beautiful weekend, beautiful!

  17. Ah, it's been so long. I have not stared at the sky. I hope you are well. Tsup!

  18. beautiful! love these clouds going their own way!

  19. Oh So Pretty Arija and I do hope that this comment finds you doing very well. Many hugs being sent your way~


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