Saturday, April 5, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Spring in Autumn

"The time is out of joint" . . . Hamlet

where seasons stand upon their head
autumn has become spring
trees that managed to retain their leaves in summer
are in full bloom
those that dropped them in summer's extreme heat
are leaping into leafage like spring lambs
autumn crocus and grape hyacinths
dance hand in hand in garden beds

the seasons are in revolt and arbitrarily change 
from day to day

the world as we knew it has gone on holiday
and in it's place we have
'Earth in Upheaval'

pink crabapple in full bloom,
better than I have ever seen it in springtime

the paddocks are greening with our first autumn rain
and we are crossing our fingers for more

meanwhile I enjoy these 'darling buds of May'
and the fabulous flush of flowers in my rose garden
as I dig up potatoes for my lunch.

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  1. Ah, even Mother Nature is confused by the weather these days!! I do love the idea of another spring but have to admit I do love the fall colors, too!! Such gorgeous captures and colors for the day, Arija!! Definitely brightened up a gray old day here in Portland!!

  2. we have had that happen in texas, too. after a long, hot, dry summer, we've had 'second spring' hit in autumn. it is amazing and puzzling at the same time.

  3. The crab apple blossoms are so delicate and beautiful.
    We have an apple tree on the farm ~ but we are far behind you with blooms it seems.

  4. Time is out of joint here too. I have already had crocus flowering, and the grape hyacinths are well and truly up - though not yet in flower. Ditto the anenomies. Sadly our crab apple was one of summer's victims. And I am grieving for it. And will replace it.

  5. No such thing as "normal weather" but I'm glad you are getting the life giving rain and beautiful colors.

  6. Beautiful blossoms and the dark pink colour is wonderful.

  7. Calling by from iheart macro, lovely blossoms.

  8. Magnifici colori !!!
    Buona domenica Myriam :)

  9. gorgeous flower photos! love the color.

  10. What a striking colour, gorgeous beauties Arija. Have a very wonderful week.
    I dreamed the other day that we sat and visited over a cup of tea with honey ;)

  11. The crabapple blossoms are beautiful!

  12. I certainly had to stop and think about what season it is where you is mixed up. But how beautiful. Let us just concentrate on that for now.

  13. Beautiful flowers and a great color.

  14. amazing to see things 'out of joint' and to know it was like that so long ago, not just today. enjoy the flowers as you do the potatoes. if you decide to join us for hat or cap, let me know so that i can add your link.

  15. Crabapple blooms are some of my favorite springtime events. Gorgeous color! xo

  16. Beautiful blooms, both shape and colour.

  17. Gorgeous blooms! We've been on a short jaunt in the Pacific Northwest enjoying Spring weather but tomorrow it's back home to snow.

  18. How wonderful to have the coolness and colors of autumn, Arija as we await the return of spring here in Maine. I am loving my new home and yard and living close to the ocean. each day is a wonder and I am overflowing with joy! I do hope all is well with you!


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