Saturday, April 12, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Wet and Wonderful

The little bit rain we had has made 
a huge difference to the garden

Colchicum (autumn crocus) are making
bright patches among the weeds . . .

the wet makes them fade quickly
but if you pick a few, they last for a week indoors

the passionfruit vine is covered in blooms

most unusual in autumn but
I'm not complaining

they are such a joy to see
in fact, the whole garden is 
as if it were spring

even I seem to have more spring in my step

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  1. Oh, what exquisite flowers, Arija!! I love them and your captures are terrific as always!! Hope you've had a great weekend and a wonderful week to come! Enjoy!

  2. Simply gorgeous - and our garden firmly believes it is spring too.

  3. how beautiful! those passion flowers are amazing!

  4. Beautiful flowers. I am glad to hear that these are helping to give you joy and life.

  5. such gorgeous flowers and photos of them. I can almost smell them!

  6. Dang. You've given me ANOTHER reminder - keep meaning to plant some autumn flowering crocus, by golly this year, I must ! Sounds lovely over thar ...

    Must be my California upbringing but I can't look at passion fleurs without thinking *sputniks* ;>]]

  7. Gorgeous! I'm glad you've gotten some rain.

  8. Gorgeous raindrop-covered blooms.

  9. A very nice series of photos .. great job ...
    Greetings, Karin

  10. How wonderful these are Arija. Stunning! Thank you very much for also trying to send me some photos for the home page. The following email should work. Hopefully!

    Please let me know if you have further problems.

    Denise :)

  11. Wonderful floral macro shots ~ for IHM2 ~ love the last two photos ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. How incredibly gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  13. Oh my! Those passionfruit blossoms are fantastical!

  14. The autumn crocus is new to me -lovey! The beauty of the passion flower is so dramatic:) Thanks for coming by my blog earlier!

  15. Everything looks better have a drink!

    We got some good rain in Melbourne - thankfully.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  16. Die Blüten sind wunderwunderschön, Arija!!! Ich habe Passionsblumen noch nie in einem natürlichen Umfeld gesehen und auch die Herbst-Krokusse kannte ich bisher nicht...sieht wirklich nach Frühling aus :)

  17. Einfach traumhafte Fotos! Die Passionsblumen finde ich so schön! Und dann noch mit den feinen Tropfen.... wunderschön!

  18. As unusual as spring is there at this time of year I'm glad it's put a spring in your step.

    I fell in love with passion fruit in South Africa and now I see the flowers are beautiful.

  19. Happy Fall/Spring (?)... I get my seasons confused, because of the summer-like winter we have here in Florida. You have a better excuse to forget which season it is -- your Fall is acting like Spring. Wonderful rain for any time of the year!

  20. What a great blog, Arija. Each post more interesting and accomplished than the last. Love the sweet kitten post above, but the garden photos are spectacular. Your passionflower is amazing!


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